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Icarus - 1 day old
Icarus in his makeshift nest
Icarus lidded eyes
1 week old, 1/2 ounce package of fluff
Egg tooth
Zygodactyl - toes and claws.
Icarus wing and zygodactyl
Complete trust
Very young birds are clad only in down
All fuzz
Little Brother
Balding - my fault entirely!
1 Week Old & Double In Size!
A Full Crop
3 CC's of gruel each feeding every two hours at two weeks of age
Nothing like being loved
Keeping an eye on me
Growing fast!
The beginnings of feathers
Wings of balance
Hand wing
Covered in soft, white down
First steps
Eyes almost open!
Developing feathers
Eye lashes forming!
How the neck brace works
Eyes open!
Full crop
Still in the brace
Ear vents
Getting big!
Still following me where ever I go
Waddling towards the camera
Unlikely brothers
30 CC's each feeding!
Bird tongues
Feed me!
Living in a pitcher
Massaging the crop
The top of the gullet
Brotherly love
Wing exersizes
Gray down
Watching mom work
Feeding time is a messy time!
Cleaning up
Birdy diapers :-D
Look how large Ick has grown!
Bird grins
Bird kisses
Playing together
Bird licks
That's it!
Makes you smile, huh!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Feather tracts
12 ounces!
What big feet you have!
Trying to cling to me
Sheer joy!
Head Feathers
Wing Feathers developing
Wing Width
Play Time
Best Buds
Who's That!
Getting to Know the Family
First Solid Foods
All Babies Need a Baby of Their Own!
The Nest Box
Wing Quills
Sound Asleep
Play Time With Cochise - They appear to both be saying "Hide, here comes the cat!"
3 Months Old & Fully Feathered!
First Flight
What a Happy Bird!
A Hopeful Perch
Chattering With Mariah
Sharing Dinner
Wing Trimming
Ick's Mom & Dad
Pretty Bird!
Hair Fun
Chow Baby.
Isn't he lovely ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬
Remember when...
Ick, about two/three weeks old