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Lake Shasta
Ick, Going Along for the Ride
Down From the Mountain Pass
Warm Feelings
Heading Towards Port Townsend
Down by the Bay
Roosevelt Elk
To chuff or not to chuff, "who" is the question
Small Herd of Roosevelt Elk Cows & Calves
Catching the Coopeville Ferry
Leaving Port Townsend
Ferry Crossing
Mouth of The Puget Sound
Mount Baker
Arriving at Coopeville, Whidbey Island
Coopeville Ferry Docks
Fort Casey
Cochise at Fort Casey
Banjo at Fort Casey
Whidbey Island
Coopeville Wharf
Deception Pass
Cranberry Lake
Under Deception Pass
Deception Pass Beach
Early Morning on the Sound
Looking Across at Fidalgo Island
Mount Baker Across the Sound
Clam Chowder at the Knead and Feed
Every Bit as Good as it Looks!!
Washington Comorant
Almost Sunset
Sunset Deception Pass
White Horse Mountain
The Old Ranch!
Only A Vauge Hint of it's Old Warmth
Old Barns Never Die
A Creek Was There!
A Quick Visit with a Dear Friend and old Neighbor
Nehalem City owned by Seattle City Light
Washington Pass Elevation 5477 feet above sea level
The OutDoorsman
Winthrop Gas Station
Winthrop Glassworks
Lucky Moon
Forever Hugs!!!!!
Ick, Playing Barbies With Kathrynn
Kathrynn Wants to Try the Hat too.
Cochise Getting into the Act
Firewoman Ali!
A Fire Run Around the Park
Bouncing Balls
Lamborghini Dreamer
Sophia and Her Balloon
Kathrynn and Her Balloon
Bird Love
Puppy Love
Oma's Girls
Getting Painted
Salmon Festival - Cashmere
Oma Gets Painted Too
Sophia s Fish
Posing With the Wandering Salmon
Serious Kathrynn
Not Camera Shy!
Fly Tying
Learning to Tie Flies
At Leavenworth's German Sausage Stand
In Leavenworth's Hat House
Playing Around in the Hat House
Hat Head
Being Silly
Getting into the Act
Witch Nose is the Right Nose
Saying Goodbye to Ickerus
Heading Home from a Colorful Land
Stopped by the old Mary's Cafe
Mount Shasta
Memorable Moments
Memorable Moments 2