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Life's tough
Digging it!
I'm pretty happy
Me too!
Go away!
Well, maybe if it's for the camera....
Not to be outdone...
I can be cute too
...and silly!
The distraction to the right...
Get me too
Heading towards the courthouse
Scream for the camera?
Ignoring me
Running for the door
A beautiful smile!
Put it in the paper!
A little dance
A papillion!
This good?
First making sure nobody sees...
A yoko geri keage!
What up?
An impromtu dip
Dip me too!
How's this?
Hey hey
The spot Placerville's original name came from - Ole Hangtown
Make a face for the camera?
What would you do for the camera?
Behind the Cary House
You found me
Interesting shot at the top of the stairs
This one better?
In the alley
Turning the corner....
Interesting shadows
Can't see, there's a gleam in my eye
The one man band
Beautiful Akita
Catching Jessi in the light
The two o'clock stage
Upside down Christmas tree
Saint Bernard Bessy
Fully Loaded
Holding the stage
Crossing paths
Man in black
Waiting for the stage
Buy my book?
Golden Retriever
Waiting for the bus
Thumbs up!
Fast behind him
Fountain & Tallman Soda Works
"Smile for the camera, Muffin."
Wrong way
Tortilla Flats
Sweetie Pies
Placerville Soda Works - home of the old bookstore mine!
You again!!! Falling