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My Youngest Daughter
Youngest daughter Jenny

Jenny & friend - 2004
The eyes have it!
Jenny, the nut.
Jenny 2011
Jenny, first day working at the hospital 2004/5'ish
Jenny 2006
Modeling GoldToken 2006
It's looks good on you, Jen!
Jenny, enjoying the sun with a friend in SanFran
Country girls
Madonna look alike
Before country was cool....
Paddy Wagon
21st Birthday
Jen & Robbie 2012
Adventures in dryer-vent-shopping with Jenny
Jenny's first elk from 175 yards, shot with a .308
With a local country DJ
Jenny with Davinci'
Caught without makeup lol - When a look says it all
In Montana
Jenny's dad
Taking the lead!
Last month, she was a redhead...
Did I say fearless?
At the Shooting Range With Grampa
Sharp shooter like her dad!
Spring of 2011
Quote from Jenny: "I know nothing of public embarrassment!"
"Born ham, that's basically me."
Jenny & Friends
Jenny with her Grandpa and Cousin Jimmy
Back to her blonde roots
Jenny & Friend
Yup, it's Jenny!
Conductor - er, ham!
Jenny May 2013
Marathon runner!
Jen on the rocky shore of San Fran Beach
Surfs Up!
Jenny Silhouetted
Jen & Friend
Jenny with Friend
There's no title fitting enough lol
Hamming it up
Farm girl
Sketching at moms house
Book shopping with Jenny
Richard & Jenny
Jenny & Richard
Jenny & Richard
Cute couple
Kissing cows
Eye sparkles
The best fight is a cupcake fight!
Isagenix convention
Warm smiles
Reaching in Lodi
Playful couple
Jenny, daring to touch the fence
Jenny 2014
Friend and Jen
Jen & Richard
Where she may belong...
Wearing Foxes
On the way to the forum...
Jen & Richard
Puppy Eyes
Jenny & Richard 2014
Jenny & Friend 2014