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Mid 1800's Miners Shaft - Downtown Placerville
2001 - Riding with the Drill Team, Bakersfield competition
Me, round about 2004
SantaCrus 2003ish
Late 1970's or Early 80's
1979 Medford Oregon with Grant
1990 with Jenny
1986 with Bonny Sue and Billy Joe, twin calves
On the Puget Sound 1985
Sleeping on the Puget Sound, Washingtonian style - 1985
Getting Ready to Jump - Above Snohomish
Jenny & I Feeding Seagulls - 1993
1984 with Chuckie
1993 at a Costume Party with Marc Spitz Flippers
Ginger and I - 1961 or so
Valita, 4 month old filly - 1993/4
The look of exhaustion - 1993
Stopping for lunch at the crossing - 1996
Jerry - 1993/4
Camping with Blaze, Jasper's pup 1990
My siblings and I - 1966
Barrel racing mid 1980's
1989 at the REI training facility in Seattle
Joe and I 2001
Overlooking "look out peak" on Mount Higgins
La Bayento, the stallion
Up Top Mount Higgins
Joe with Bayento and Apres - 2002'ish
Up the backside of White Horse
Mount Higgens
Looking down the mountain with Shawhadigans
How to filter fresh water
Behind Higgins
Ozzy's grave in Idaho's Sawtooth National Forest
The girls and I 1991
2003 with my son Ben, his wife Jen and Joe
2003 Comstock Endurance Race
Joe, way back when...
Joe - 2002
On the Liberty 1985
Me as a somewhat goofy 13 yr old - in gogo boots lol
Doing what most 13 yr old country girls did to stay in touch back then
1971 or '72 - With my younger brother and dog Hydee
My Dad in the early 70's
Early 70's - my sister Joan on her 21st birthday
11 or 12'ish with my brothers new bike
With brother Kevin, early 70's in my first bikini lol
12'ish Running barefoot
With my older & younger sisters
Four of my siblings and Mom - Early 70's
Brother Kevin on the guitar
April, 1989
Whitehorse Mountain, Darrington Washington
December 1972