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This club is a 'By Invitation Only' club and is the largest privately run club on the site. To be invited you will need to win a site run Shake tournament and then at that time you will be invited to join. Please note that you will need to win one site run Shake tournament at least every year and a half to stay in the club. Read further to learn about this great club. If you have any questions please contact me, funtobewith11.

This Federation is for the 'High Rollers' of the site. Ones who like to play the Shake games and have won a site sponsored tournament this year are invited to join. I noticed a need for a club that specializes in the best of the best when it comes to the Shake (dice) games. My plan for the club is to participate in the monthly club challenges, trade information that will make us the very best dice games players around, and have fun while doing so. This is an invitation only club so if you were invited then you are one of the few and should strive to make this the best club for Shake games on GoldToken.The By-Laws of The High Rollers Federation can be found at [ The High Rollers Federation By-Laws ].

The Federation Code for this club is HR. The federation codes are asked for so first-time members can get a free upgrade on their first membership. The code might be used for additional things in the future so keep this code in mind.

The Basics of The High Roller's Federation are:

1) You must win a site sponsored tournament in any Shake game to be invited to join.
2) Anyone winning a Site run Shake Game Tourney during a year can remain in the club for the rest of the year and the following year.
3) During that year you must win a Site run Shake Game Tourney to remain the following year.
4) Club Tourneys that are run through the site (not Wiki tourneys) are included in the Site run tourneys.
5) Anyone Finishing a Shake Race (winning one tourney of each Shake game during a calendar year) can remain in the club as long as they wish.
6) Joining the club can happen any time but you must be invited.
7) Have fun while helping others learn the best way to win games.

Win some Golderos for suggesting a Winning Tourney Name

I am going to try something new with the suggested tourney names.

1) You can post up to 3 suggested names. (I have to limit as if everyone posted a lot then there would be too many to post for the poll.)
2) The person that suggests the tourney name that is picked by the club will receive 5 (five) Golderos from me for your help.
3) You must be in the High Rollers Club to suggest the name.
4) The amount of time the tourney name poll is open will be left up to me and might not be the same each month.
5) If there is a tie then the poll will continue till the tie is broken.
6) This promotion can be ended at any time.
7) Good luck and have fun.

Time to sign up for the next tournament

Newest Club Tourney Signup LinkStart Date
The High Rollers October Fest TournamentOctober 15, 2017
{ Tournament# }November 15, 2017
{ Tournament# }December 15, 2017

Tournaments Not Completed

Details Can Be Found By Selecting The Tournament From The [ Wiki Start Page ]

Thanks For Playing!

Tournament NameMonth/Year
The High Rollers' March Into Spring 2016 TournamentMarch 2016
The High Rollers' Let Freedom Ring TournamentJuly 2016
The High Rollers' Lazy,Crazy,Days of Summer August TournamentAugust 2016
The High Rollers' 911 Memorial TournamentSeptember 2016
The Walking in a Winter Wonder Land TournamentDecember 2016
The Shake in the New Year TournamentJanuary 2017
The Love Is In The Air TournamentFebruary 2017
The Luck 'O The Irish TournamentMarch 2017
The April Showers Bring May Flowers TournamentApril 2017
The May Day Fun TournamentMay 2017
The Fun in the Sun TournamentJune 2017
The God Bless the USA TournamentJuly 2017
The Hot August Night's TournamentAugust 2017
A September to Remember TournamentSeptember 2017
The High Rollers October Fest TournamentOctober 2017

Completed Tournaments

With All Winners Posted On [ Wiki Start Page ]

Thanks For Playing!

Tournament NameMonth/Year
The High Rollers Club Turkey Day Shoot Out TournamentDecember 2009
The High Rollers New Year Roll Off TournamentJanuary 2010
The High Rollers Love To Roll On Valentines Day TournamentFebruary 2010
The Let's Shake That Little Green Fellow Up TournamentMarch 2010
The High Rollers' April Shower Shake TournamentApril 2010
The High Rollers', I wish I May, I wish I might... TournamentMay 2010
The Shake it Fast Make it Last TournamentJune 2010
The High Rollers, The Red, White & Blue TournamentJuly 2010
The High Rollers' Hot August Nights TournamentAugust 2010
The High Rollers' Kids Back To School Woo Hoo!! TournamentSeptember 2010
The High Rollers' Shake and Rake TournamentOctober 2010
The High Rollers' Turkey Trot TournamentNovember 2010
The High Rollers' Snowflakes and Icicles TournamentDecember 2010
The High Rollers January 2011 TournamentJanuary 2011
The High Rollers' Achey Shakey Heart TournamentFebruary 2011
The High Rollers' March Madness TournamentMarch 2011
The High Rollers' April Showers Roll In May Flowers TournamentApril 2011
The High Roller's Happy Mother's Day TournamentMay 2011
The High Rollers' My Dad Can Roll Better Than Your Dad TournamentJune 2011
The High Rollers' The Red, White And Blue Will Roll On TournamentJuly 2011
The High Rollers' Hot & Steamy August Nights TournamentAugust 2011
The High Rollers' Never Forget September 11 TournamentSeptember 2011
The High Rollers' Trick Or Treat TournamentOctober 2011
The High Rollers' 11/11/11 TournamentNovember 2011
The High Rollers' The Twelve Dice of Christmas TournamentDecember 2011
The High Rollers' Rolling in the New Year TournamentJanuary 2012
The High Rollers' Don't go Shakin' my Heart TournamentFebruary 2012
The High Rollers' The Spring Roll TournamentMarch 2012
The High Rollers' All Fools TournamentApril 2012
The High Rollers' MAY Be, MAY Be Not TournamentMay 2012
The High Rollers' Here Comes Summer TournamentJune 2012
The High Rollers' Shake 'em don't Break 'em TournamentJuly 2012
The High Rollers' Cold or Hot, We Shake A Lot TournamentAugust 2012
The High Rollers' The Fall Brawl To Beat Them All TournamentSeptember 2012
The High Rollers' Graveyard Stomp TournamentOctober 2012
The High Rollers' It's a Turkey Of A TournamentNovember 2012
The High Rollers' Christmas 2012 TournamentDecember 2012
The High Rollers' Shake It To The Limit In 2013 TournamentJanuary 2013
The High Rollers' Cupid Is On A Roll TournamentFebruary 2013
The High Rollers' Luck of the Irish TournamentMarch 2013
The High Rollers' April Showers TournamentApril 2013
The High Rollers' April Showers Brings May's Flowers TournamentMay 2013
The High Rollers' Dads & Grads TournamentJune 2013
The High Rollers' Let The Good Times Roll TournamentJuly 2013
The High Rollers' Sarah's Special Birthday TournamentAugust 2013
The High Rollers' Rolling On A River TournamentSeptember 2013
The High Rollers' The Trees Are Changing TournamentOctober 2013
The High Rollers' Time To Give Thanks TournamentNovember 2013
The High Rollers' A Holly Jolly TournamentDecember 2013
The High Rollers' Happy 2014 TournamentJanuary 2014
The High Rollers' Be My Valentine TournamentFebruary 2014
The High Rollers' March Madness 2014 TournamentMarch 2014
The High Rollers' April Showers Bring May Flowers TournamentApril 2014
The High Rollers' MAYDAY, MAYDAY TournamentMay 2014
The High Rollers' June Dads and Grads TournamentJune 2014
The High Rollers' Splish Splash Summer Bash TournamentJuly 2014
The High Rollers' Hot August Nights 2014 TournamentAugust 2014
The High Rollers' A September To Remember TournamentSeptember 2014
The High Rollers' Ghost and Goblin Games TournamentOctober 2014
The High Rollers' Giving Thanks TournamentNovember 2014
The High Rollers' Ho-Ho-Ho, Let it Snow TournamentDecember 2014
The High Rollers' New Beginnings TournamentJanuary 2015
The High Rollers' Love is in the Air TournamentFebruary 2015
The High Rollers' Rolling in the Clover TournamentMarch 2015
The High Rollers' Rolling Into Spring TournamentApril 2015
The High Rollers' Mother's Day TournamentMay 2015
The High Rollers' June Bugs TournamentJune 2015
The High Rollers' July Jamboree TournamentJuly 2015
The High Rollers' Mid Summer Fun TournamentAugust 2015
The High Rollers' Fall is in the Air TournamentSeptember 2015
The High Rollers' The Trick or Treat Games TournamentOctober 2015
The High Rollers' Lets Talk Turkey TournamentNovember 2015
The High Rollers' Merry Christmas TournamentDecember 2015
The High Rollers' New Beginnings 2016 TournamentJanuary 2016
The High Rollers' Hearts and Flowers TournamentFebruary 2016
The High Rollers' April Showers Bring May Flowers TournamentApril 2016
The High Rollers' Mother May I? TournamentMay 2016
The High Rollers' School's Out for Summer TournamentJune 2016
The High Rollers' Shake, Rattle and Bones TournamentOctober 2016
The High Rollers' Giving Thanks TournamentNovember 2016

Shake Race Information

You can find the past winners and stats at [ Shake Race ] and the current winners and stats at [ Shake Race 2017 ]. Information on what the Shake Race is about can be found on the [ Shake Race Information ] Wiki. Remember, if you finish the Race you will receive the coveted High Rollers Token. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please let me know on the High Rollers Club Chat Board.

Updated September 10, 2017

Number of Tourneys Left to Finish
:SMILE: Racer :SMILE:21Finished Race
Candy Cane Kaz:FIVE:
Senorita ZORRO_:FIVE:

Adopt a High Roller's only icon

We have a great selection of Icons that only can be adopted by a High Roller. Check them out at [ Main: High Rollers ]. Players who belong to The High Roller's Club can obtain one of these icons regardless of membership level by applying to funtobewith11. Remember, first come first serve. Also, when you ask for icons be sure and let me know if you want to save the one you are currently wearing before the change or not.

Club Officers
Club Owner: funtobewith11
Vice Pres: golfnutrof
Welcomer: Lowell
Our Games
Our Teams
Teams participate in inter-club challenges and inter-club ladders.
Shake Rattle & Roll
Shake It Fast
Shake Your Bootie
Maxi Shake
Neapolitan Shake
Shake It Baby
Shake It Up
Triple Shake