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Budgie's Tourney's

Budgie's Tourney's ] King Budgie

Good afternoon, after a lot of thought i have decided i will stop setting up games here at GT and just play games with friends, i have found it is so hard to get players to take part in games its getting very frustrating having to pester everyone, to me that enough

I would like to say thanks to berecca  who has volunteered to help carry on running Bingo Games.

Games below are in progress......

Backgammon Games

Budgie's Thanks to Gold Token BackGammon ] Games Started 26th January 2013
Budgie's Climb the Brick wall Backgammon ]Started 10th June 2013
Budgie's Snakes-n-Ladders Backgammon Three ]Started 11th October 2013

Hypergammom games.

Budgie's High scoreing Hypergammon Challenge ]Started 24th June 2012
Budgie's Round the world Hypergammmon ]Started Monday 5th August 2013

Whist/Variant Games

Budgie's Whist Six ]Started 10th March 2014

Shake Games.

Bingo Games.

Budgie's Valentine Bingo ]Starts Monday 24th February 2014

Grabble Games

Budgie's Grabble with a Twist 20 ]Started 10th March 2013

Budgie's Completed Games ]