Spoof is not a regular game like the others. Instead, Spoof is a profile token trading game. The idea is that each participant can pick some of their profile tokens to Spoof, and any other participant can then attempt to guess how many tokens the player has Spoofed. If successful, the guesser receives one random Spoofed token from the target.

Tokens that are not added to Spoof cannot be obtained in this way - if you have tokens that you would like to keep, you can still participate with your other tokens, without putting the valuable tokens at risk!

To join Spoof, a link has been provided on your profile page, right above the token list. Once you have joined, you can also Spoof your tokens and use the Spoof player list page to make your guesses.

Several important restrictions exist to ensure that the game is enjoyable:

  • Your number of guesses per day is limited to the number of your Spoofed tokens
  • You can only target any player once per week
  • You cannot leave Spoof if you have made any guess within the last week
  • As soon as you make a guess, all your Spoofed tokens become frozen and you cannot remove them from your Spoof list for one week.
  • You can still add more tokens and remove those
  • If you make a correct guess, the token that you receive is not frozen - you can remove it right away if you wish

To make a Spoof guess, you can either access the list of Spoof participants from your profile page (above the token list), or you can perform a guess from the profile page of your desired target, if he or she is also participating (the link is on the right side of the profile, below the search form). The participant list is randomized to ensure that players with names earlier in the alphabet are not disadvantaged.

We hope that you will enjoy this new creation!