Creating Club Tournaments
Congratulations on making Club Tournament Director! It is a high position of responsibility and to be taken seriously as we will not be able to edit/change your tournaments once they have been created. This page is here to help make your job easier.

1 Word of warning: Plan wisely! You are able to create only one club tournament per club each month, so set it up carefully. If you need to delete it because of a small error, you will not have a second opportunity to set up another tournament until next month.

To create a basic tournament for your Club:

  1. Click the Tournaments link at the top of your game sheet
  2. Click Create a New Tournament link on bottom of page
  3. If you have the Director position in two or more clubs, you'll now need to select the club to use. If not, then skip this step.
  4. Enter tournament name like "Boot Scooting Boogie August 2016"
    • Heads Up: Overly long names will not fit!
    • Keep it looking professional by capping the beginning of the title names, and add a month date and year it starts
  5. Post any needed explanations or prizes in the Description
  6. Under the Type, click the drop down box and select your preferred tournament style. To help you choose, a List of Tournament Descriptions can be found here.
  7. Select the games that you wish your club to play by checking the boxes. You can choose up to 140 games...each one will be its own tournament under the same name.
  8. IF you wish to use strict time limits only: - otherwise leave this alone. Under the Time to complete all moves: section, select the number of days in the drop down box.
  9. Enter 5 or more in the Minimum Number of Players section.
    • Only games that have met the "Minimum Number of Players" requirement start, and any games that do not meet that minimum are auto deleted in the tournament group upon the start of that tournament. So our suggestion is, when creating tournaments, to set that start date far enough out players can join. We suggest you plan on a month, but if your club is highly active, two weeks might do...but at least two weeks.
  10. Enter 60 in the Maximum Number of Players section.
  11. Do not make any other changes to the other tournament options. We will later add instructions for more detailed tournament types.
  12. Enter the date the tournament is to start.
  13. Click the Create Tournament button to preview the tournament details.
  14. Preview the details to make sure all is correct. If any errors, click the back button on your browser to edit or correct, then preview again. If nothing is entered under type or game on the preview page, there is a duplicate tournament and you will have to change the name.
  15. If all is well, click the accept button at the bottom of the page.

One tournament a month not good enough for your club? There is another alternative...have your club join the club vs club ladders, then you get 4 tournaments a month!

That's it!