Suggested Opponents

One of the frustrating things about playing board games is finding an opponent who is just right for you. As Goldilocks discovered when she visited the home of the three bears, you don't want an opponent who is much more skilled at the game than you are, nor do you want one who offers little challenge. One of the great features of this site is our suggested opponents.

Here is how it works:

We use a rating system This site uses a rating system to estimate your skill in every game you play. The more games you complete, the more accurate this rating system becomes. You can read about how the rating system works for more details.

We make suggestions Based on your performance in the games you have completed, we will suggest opponents that we feel will offer a good competition to you. We do this by comparing your rating to the ratings of other players at this site, and then recommending the players who most closely match your skill level.

The suggestions change according to your skill If you are just getting started, we make suggestions based on our average player. If you end up winning the game, we suggest a more skilled opponent for the next game. If you end up losing, our next suggestion will be against another player who is also still getting the hang of the game. As your skills in the game improve, so will the skill set of your suggested opponents.

We'll find the right opponent for you!