Termination and Account Suspension Policy
Players are not banned from GoldToken for merely complaining, being moderated, receiving a discussion board ban or the normal game playing that goes on. To be banned from the site, a more serious breach of conduct will have occurred.

The points below contain possible reasons for receiving a site ban, most of which alone, will not get someone banned, just contribute to a it:

  1. Willfully and repeatedly breaking the rules despite warnings
  2. Refusing to comply with the proper procedures for handling complaints or persisting in dealing with them inappropriately, (such as using the discussion boards instead of contacting our GoldToken Support. This also includes, having other players contact us to discuss your case, etc.)
  3. Making planned attacks using club members (yes, we have had such clubs created for that purpose)
  4. Instigating a site/club civil war
  5. Reporting false allegations against GoldToken or any of it's players to others or institutions, (this will not only void any prior arrangements, reinstatement, agreements, terms or conditions, but it will also terminate any business relationship with the offender, indefinitely.)
  6. Harassing another person despite being warned
  7. Publicly posting personal information about someone else in an effort to bring them harm on this or any other site (phone, legal name, address etc.)
  8. Deliberately attacking a player, once or repeatedly, either in the clubs, private messages, profile comments, wiki's or on the site discussion boards. (This includes verbally slandering anyone, or defamation of their character on the site via private messages or other ways.)
  9. Making physical threats or verbally assaulting employees or players of the site either on site, private messaging or elsewhere
  10. Faking an identity in order to pursue or to have lewd conversation with anyone... specially with minors
  11. Stalking or bullying. Behavior that is repetitious, unwelcome, non-consensual, demeaning wherein an individual willfully and repeatedly engages in a knowing course of harassing conduct directed at another person. Any conduct that reasonably and seriously alarms, torments, terrorizes or makes another person feel uncomfortable. This also includes minor cases such as, altering wiki information, constant or repetitive pressuring, (bullying), other players to join clubs or flooding them with private messages and/or games, as well as using their player profiles to keep tabs on them.
  12. Criminal activity as in the sale of drugs, soliciting sex for money, (yes, we did have one), etc.
  13. Defrauding or soliciting money from other players, whether for legitimate or illegitimate purposes
  14. Soliciting for personal gain, such as: promoting an unauthorized business or company, legal or illegal
  15. Stealing site code
  16. Attempting to hack into the system or other players’ accounts
  17. Attacking the site with deliberate attempt to bring the site down. This includes players who constantly disrupt the site, those who attempt to do harm to the spirit of the site and those who attack the servers with DOS attacks (Denial of Service attacks)
  18. Refusing to quit multi-nicking (although multi-nicking is reason alone, we have given many players a second chance). This includes, upon banning, using someone else's account (i.e. husband’s, child’s, parent’s, friend’s, etc) to "get the word out". This is strictly forbidden and will result in a longer ban or termination from the site
  19. Cheating
  20. Aiding and abetting a player whom you personally know has been banned from the site in establishing a new account or otherwise keeping their identity hidden from Management.
    • If you know that a banned player is using the site under an alias, you must report this to GoldToken Support, or you are in violation of this rule and subject to sanctions. Your identity will always remain protected.
This list is specific to GoldToken but is similar to those used in many other privately owned sites. It is not comprehensive, and other gross violations that we cannot foresee could require immediate banning from the website.

While every instance is considered on its own merits, some players are given a second chance depending on their individual circumstances and the attitude of the player. Provisions may possibly be made for a player's return to the site or the discussion boards at the sole discretion of management. However, players are to understand that they will be subject to an immediate, life-long ban if they continue to violate site rules and policies. Banning is not undertaken lightly nor will we tolerate returning players who consider it so.

Banning from GoldToken or the discussion boards is not necessarily permanent. It is rather more often used to gather the attention of the player who deliberately continues along the same path in spite of repeated warnings. It is an attempt to show them we mean business.

Returning to the site could mean the player comply with certain agreements including, but not limited to, a probationary period before being allowed to return, or to recover posting/playing/club/membership privileges. It would also require the player’s reasonably sincere desire to play within the site rules and not cause trouble any further.

Question: I may be wrong but I thought there were specific banning times. 1st offense - one day, 2nd offense - one week, etc. Are these guidelines not being followed? If they are, how is it up to the player when they can return?

Answer: The ban times you are speaking of refer to the discussion boards and private messages. Those banning guidelines are generally for minor violations of website policies and they are still in effect. Gross violations of website policies can result in immediate and permanent expulsion. When the prior bans fail, and the player continues to act out, and we feel there's nothing else to do but ban a player for a longer time or even indefinitely, then that is what we will do. It is at the discretion of GoldToken Management as to whether a player may return and what conditions they may return under.

Question: I was banned, what happens to the membership I paid for?

Answer: GoldToken will not issue refunds to players if site rules have been broken. Our rules are posted openly for everyone to read. Each individual agrees to them when they sign up for an account and then again, when they sign up to post on the discussion boards.

Question: I was banned for creating several accounts and have now been allowed to return. Can another member of my family or company sign up now?

Answer: Because you have created multi-nicks, you are no longer allowed any extra accounts for anyone else without proof they are not you. This means, no accounts for kids, your spouse, other family members, co-workers or friends that login from your home or company. If you wish to provide proof that the new account is not you, please contact Badger for information on what type of proof is required and our mailing address to send it to.

GoldToken is a private organization and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone we deem inappropriate to play at GoldToken. As a family site, we have an obligation to our players to keep out any predatory types that threaten the well being of our members.

  • GoldToken.com holds the privacy policy in the utmost regard; however, all players are responsible for their own actions and behavior. Public misrepresentation from any player of their case forfeits their rights to the privacy policy and their ability to return to GoldToken. Site Management and legal administration of GoldToken reserve the right to publicly defend its rights and represent the company to public authorities in its entirety.