GoldToken Copyrights

Regarding GoldToken's copyrighted material

No group or individual person is allowed to use GoldToken logos, name or variation of, graphics, code, layout, express color scheme or games without express permission by the sites CEO, Badger. Our site and works are now registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. We will take it seriously if our work is stolen in any way. This includes copy and pasting a screen print of the site anywhere on the Internet.

It is ok to share the word by inviting others to come play at GoldToken but not ok to use GoldToken's name or variation of as the name to a discussion board off the GoldToken site. You are welcome to share the link in your emails any time and use it as the topic of a thread on a discussion board. If you link to GoldToken on a website, you may do so along as long as you have first obtained permission by Badger with an acknowledgment to GoldToken by posting a graphic provided by GoldToken for such use.

Regarding copyrighted material that does not belong to GoldToken

The law is deliberately vague when it comes to copyright violations and is decided on a case-by-case basis. A lawyer can render an opinion, but there's no accurate answer until a case is adjudicated by a court. Each picture, news article and each reason for posting it makes each case unique. GoldToken moderators do remove anything they can prove is copyrighted. But if they are unable to prove that a post contains copyrighted material, they have been instructed to leave it. We can't have moderators removing a picture or post just because they "suspect" it is. We acknowledge that doesn't mean they catch all infringements, though our moderators do their best to do so.

The "The Digital Millennium Copyright Act" was passed recently. It protects sites like GoldToken from prosecution from their "clients" infringements. What that means is if "Bob" posts a picture that was ripped off or stolen (posted despite copyright), you can not prosecute GoldToken for hosting "Bob's" picture. The good part is, for that protection from prosecution, GoldToken is required (and will happily do so) to take down the pictures on "Bob's" post that infringe your work. That is provided you can prove "Bob" infringed your work (should be easy). Copy right infringement happens when a picture or article knowingly is left on a page despite being asked to remove it and proven it was indeed copy written by the copy right owner.

If you have reason to believe a picture or article posted on GoldToken infringes on your copyright, please contact Badger directly, to have it removed asap.