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For help with site related inquiries, please be sure to private message your questions to the right source or post your inquiry on the correct discussion board.

Please review the information below to better direct you.

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Have a question that you'd like an answer to?

  • Answers to many common questions can be found in the corresponding pages from our [ Info ] center. The Info link is located at the bottom of your GoldToken pages.
  • Sign up or log in help can be found here: Login Problems, Slow Page Loads and Solutions
  • If you have signed up but have not received your verification password, go to the lost password link on the login page and enter your email address. The database will then email your password to you again. (Be sure to check your Spam folder if you are still not receiving your verification email or contact GoldToken Support directly for assistance.)
  • Frequently Asked Questions are located here: FAQ
  • Are you new to the site and need some help? Feel free to post your questions on our Newbies Ask Oldies discussion board. From there, our friendly and site experienced players will help to answer your questions!
  • Our GoldToken Help discussion board is also available for those needing help with site related features!


Like the idea of having an automatic tournament set up for your club, or have general questions regarding site automated tournaments? Then please send your message to the following proper Director:

  • Jacob1987 - Club Tournament Director
    • For all club matches.

  • T-Rex - Site Wide Tournament Director
    • Regular Monthly Tournaments open to everyone.


Are you a Platinum or Gold Member looking for GoldToken's Beta site?

You can find our Beta site located here at:!


Find a glitch with a game or with another site related feature?

Please post your findings directly on our Bug Reports discussion board so that our programmer can review it and look into the problem. Before posting, please be sure to give the following information in your post:
  • A clear and precise description of the problem and what is happening.
  • Note which browser you are using at the time you've discovered the bug - such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.
  • If you are experiencing a game issue, please include in your description which game type you are having a problem with the game number(s) in your post.
(To link a game number, you can do so by typing the code of: { Game#12345 } with your actual game number in place of 12345.)

After you have posted your report, please be patient as our programmer, Mecir will check into the problem as soon as possible.


Have a question regarding how to play a certain game, learn strategy or about game rules?

Then please post your inquiry on the appropriate game discussion board. From there, our experienced players can give their knowledgeable answers or help you with strategies and questions on the specific game types. We have a wide selection of game boards to post on that cover all the game types we support here in GoldToken. They are:

You can find our Discussion Boards link located at the top of your game sheet page.


I'd like a word reviewed to be added to the Grabble dictionary, where do I post it?
Which dictionaries are used for Grabble?
Need help with adding a word to the wiki or have a question regarding the words?


Wondering who is behind our special graphics for the site?

Meet our Graphic Artists!


Want a card made for someone on the site?

Please contact one of our Greeting Card Directors, Beckie B or dingbat for assistance.

You can also post your card request on our discussion board!


Wondering how our Name Icons work and where you can find them?

Be sure to check out our Info page called: Name Icons! The page supplies all our name icon information, which ones are available to specific membership levels and much more.

Once you find the icon you'd like placed beside your name, please post it on our Icon Mania discussion board so that GoldToken's Icon Fairy can apply it for you!


Have you recently purchased Golderos or paid for your membership thru PayPal, but it isn't showing instantly on your account yet?

Don't worry, as this is normal. Our payment system is not automatic, but manually done as often as every day. There will be times that our Account Manager may not be online each day, but at the most, your payment, (once received from PayPal), should be applied within 1 to 3 days from the time you sent it. Be sure to send payments for membership renewals days in advance to avoid disruption by reverting back to a guest status. ( Please note: Once an account reverts back, we can not reinstate your clubs, ladders or tournaments that you have been removed from.)

What is the PayPal email address that I send my payment to again?

Players can send their membership/goldero purchase payments to our memberships(at)goldtoken(dot)com account (be sure to remove the (at) and (dot) and replace with the appropriate @ and . symbols). For more information about our memberships and how they work, please read our Membership Options information page.

If you still need further assistance, please contact GoldToken Support directly by private message.


Interested in Photography and pictures?

Then be sure to check out what our Photozone Director, Photozone Zepher, and our players are up to on our Photozone discussion board!

Join in on the fun monthly photo contests or post your own pictures to share with others, all in one place!


Have a suggestion for a site wide poll?

Send your suggestion to our Pollmaster for consideration!


Meet our extraordinary and extremely talented Data Base Manager!


GoldToken Support handles all other inquiries ranging from:
  • Problems logging into your account or with password retrieval.
  • Membership general questions or payment issues.
  • Questions regarding our Golderos money system.
  • Tournament or Ladder problems, questions or concerns.
  • Additional accounts for friends or family members.
  • Suspected multi-nic inquiries, complaints or concerns.
  • Cheating concerns, complaints or awareness.
  • Vacation day(s) removal.
  • Error messages, Timeout problems or any other site related issues that are not bug related.
  • Email related issues to
  • Problems with players consisting of: personal attacks, bad language, inappropriate behavior or any form of harassment in games or in private messages.
  • Players holding up site tournaments.
  • Inappropriate behavior towards a minor.
  • Questions or problems with site advertisements.
  • Discussion board moderation questions or complaints.
  • Help with general site related questions.
Players can also email GoldToken Support for assistance at: goldtokenmanagement(at)goldtoken(dot)com (be sure to remove the (at) and (dot) and replace with the appropriate @ and . symbols).
  • Be sure to place in the SUBJECT line what you are inquiring about. Due to a lot of Spam issues, messages from our players may unfortunately end up in the Spam folder with hundreds of other Spam messages. We do our best to retrieve them from there if possible.



For all site won prizes or promotional store items, please send mailing addresses, questions, concerns or inquiries directly to Badger.

"GoldToken has a warm friendly atmosphere for a reason. It is built around and by its players."