Golden Memorial Tokens

When Someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

  • Please send GoldToken Support information and confirmation of any GoldToken Player who is no longer with us except in spirit and memory, so we can add them here. Candle

Because We've Grown So Close;
Even On Foggy Days...
We Meet Each Other Again And Again.
For We Recognize Each Other From A Distance. I’m sorry
Barb P.L.G. Love Struck

In Loving Memory:
Mystic DreamerJoined: 24 October 2008 - Last Play: 18 February 2024Mary Loved GoldToken and playing her games. She died with her Son by her side. She will be missed.
lwmcFort Gibson, OklahomaJoined: 16 August 2001 - Last Play: 15 January 2024Louis age 63 Died January 12, 2024. He attended a School for the Blind. He will be missed.
Jewels21Phoenix, AZ.Joined: 10 May 2019 - Last Play: 16 January 2014Julie died January 18 , 2024. She will be missed.
angusladyJoined: 1 April 2008 - Last Play: 30 January 2024She will be missed.
sweeteyesWest VirginiaJoined: 19 April 2006 - Last Play: 17 November 2023Julie loved her family and GT. She will be missed.
AZD159Salem, ILLnoisJoinded: 6 February 2006 - Last Play: 5 June 2019Mary died in June 2022. She will be missed.
babkenBayonne,IllinoisJoined: 29 May 2002 - Last Play: January 2021Petros ( Pete ) was 84 years old, he died November 2023. He will be missed.
Sweetlips43BostonJoined: 26 March 2002 - Last Play: 24 May 2022She loved long walks on warm night on the beach and to play games and chat with her friends. She will be missed.
Wild HorseSouthern IllinoisJoined : August 19, 2016 - Last play, Sept. 3rd, 2023Married to LittleTree and the love of her life. He will be missed here on GoldToken.
CruiserHouston, TexasJoined: 24 January 2010 - Last Play: 24 July 2023Ed Wilson passed away on 25 July 2023. A true gentleman and friend. He will be missed by so many here on Goldtoken.
NinaCoushatta, LA.Joined: 20 February 2001 - Last Play: 8 March 2023Her daughter cindygal posted that her Mother Nina had a heart attack and died a few days later. A lovely lady, she will be so missed by many here on GoldToken.
BettyAnnAlberta, Canada1Joined: 6 May 2004 - Last Play: 11 May 2023BettyAnn's Family was her life! BettyAnn passed away on May 17th. Her death was a shock to her family. Her Sister is deeply touched by the love shown to by her friend's here at GoldToken. She will be missed by many!
Lisa MarieNew JerseyJoined: 2 June 2016 - Last Play: 20 April 2021Lisa was the owner of The Lisa's Teddy Bear Picnic Club and had many friends here at GoldToken. She will be missed!
catloverSugar Grove, OhioJoined: 7 January 2002-Last Play: 12 November 2016Sharon loved her many Cat's and all the friends she met here at GoldToken. She will be missed.
patecakes49ColoradoJoined: 8 October 2007 - Last Play: 26 January 2020She will be missed
ScubastevePunxsutawney PAJoined: 13 September 2007 - Last Play: 10 February 2023Steve was a retired Equipment Operator for PennDot. He loved family and gardening. His many friends will miss him here on GoldToken.
cissyKansasJoined: 17 February 2007 - Last Play: 9 August 2015Karen was Legally Blind, her husband died a week before she did in February 2023
fujiBath, MEJoined: 7 February 2017 - Last Play 8 December 2022Her husband Brent who also plays here by the nickname of lemmy66 was sorry to report she died the end of December 2022
GregDetroit, MichiganJoined: 3 September 2010 - Last Play: 1 April 2018A Red Wing fan.
GrimsweeperJoined: 4 March 2003 - Last Play: 24 January 2018He loved Chess
aprildawnOklahoma CityJoined: 13 March 2010 - Last Play: 19 November 2022Lisa died 4 January 2023 as confirmed by her husband Larry. Lisa loved playing games at GoldToken and had many friends here. She opened several clubs and joined in the Tournaments. She will be missed by many of us!
NeroAustin,TexasJoined: 9 August 2007 - Last Play: 9 May 2022Jean died 21 May 2022. A powerful opponent,colorful story teller, Proud Scorpio, a consummate gentleman. He is missed.
***butch***Biloxi, MSJoined: 13 February 2001 - Last Play: 31 January 2022Retire U.S. Navy. Died in February 2022
corn furnaceNew YorkJoined: 11 June 2007 - Last Play: 15 April 2022R.I.P.
Abby NormalCulpeper VirginiaJoined: 23 February 2010 - Last Play: 1 March 2022Kathleen died 16 March 2022 after a lingering illness. Her love of music was well known by our many players here at GoldToken. She had many friends here and will be greatly missed by all who knew her.
birdmanNorth CarolinaJoined:18 September 2005 - Last Play:25 February 2022He loved his family and he will be missed.
OhioFrankMiddletownJoined: 9 January 2022 - Last Play: 17 February 2022What a talented man! He was especially gifted at newspaper editorials about life and life in the past, articles chock full of detailed memories from landmark areas with pictures. Survived by a daughter. He had many friends here at GoldToken.
birdstoeJoined: 16 March 2006Last Play 9 July 2021Sue Salem born February 18 1944 died Sunday December 12,2021 at 77 years old. She had many friends at GoldToken and will be missed.
PHILLY38From: ConnecticutJoined: 19 March 2002-Last Play: 6 December 2021She loved GoldToken and the games. She will be missed.
PEACH WINEFrom: Tijuana MexicoJoined: 28 September 2015-Last Play: 27 September 2021Harold Wolff Past away November 2nd 2021 Somewhere around Midnight from a Heart attack. He was cremated and is with the family now. He's survived by his wife Irene, his son Harold Jr. and his two precious grandchildren that were twins. Darian and Serena by his son and Shaayan by his deceased daughter Tanysha
jenniJoined: 7 October 2001Last Play: 11 March 2018jenni was a lovely lady who enjoyed playing here at GoldToken. She will be missed by many of her friends!
blondieJoined: 30 October 2000Last Play: 27 January 2015blondie enjoyed her family, playing games and riding her motorcycle. She was truly a lovely lady that will be greatly missed here at GoldToken!
GroverJoined: 23 December 2004Last Play 10 November 2021Sharon Springs: Cheryl Gilmour, a resident of Sharon Springs since 1981, died at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady on Tuesday November 30, 2021, after a short illness. She was 69. Cheryl was born in Auburn (Cayuga County) on September 20, 1952, the daughter of the late Morgan and Sarah (Reynolds) Gilmour. She was an LPN and had worked for Mercy Rehab Center in Auburn many years prior to coming to Sharon Springs and working twenty-four years for the former Bean Farms with longtime partner, Leonard Bean. The farm was sold in 2005. Leonard died November 25, 2007. Survivors include three brothers, Thomas of Marcellus, James of Holliston, MA, and Richard of Chapel Hill, NC. She was predeceased by one brother, Michael, in June 2007. A graveside service will be held 11:00 am Saturday, December 11, at Slate Hill Cemetery, town of Sharon. She loved GoldToken and will be missed.
ozallanFrom: Sidney AustraliaJoined: 5 Jan 2010 Last Play 17 Sept 2021Ozallan loved the clubs and games and helped out in the Olympics here at GoldToken. A more polite, generous and kind person that you could ever hope to play. He will be missed.
poohbearFrom: TexasJoined: 24 Jan. 2007 Last Play: 30 September 2021poohbear was a long time member and loved playing here at GoldToken. She had been in the Hospital and passed on Sept. 10 2021 She will be greatly missed by all those who knew and loved her.
BluejayFrom: VirginiaJoined: 15 Dec 2003 Last Play: 15 Jan - 2021Bluejay was a long time member of GoldToken and loved by all who knew her. A kind, caring lady who was a shining example of GoldToken. Those fortunate enough to have known her, could not help but come away with a happier heart!
woodhead larryFrom: OregonJoined: 5 Aug 2004 LP: 3 July 2021woodhead Larry was my dad. he was a father to 8 kids. i am not sure how many grand and great grand kids. last count was over 25. My dad was always very active was always building something large and small. neighbors weren't always happy about that fact. there was many of times I had to tell him he can not build a two story chicken shed out of crates in the back yard. He was 83. He had severe multiple sclerosis his whole life with rods put in so he his spine didn't collapse. so he was in pain but never complained about it. He worked at Sears started in the shoes department and moved up to the corporate and than moved back down to sales again. he was happy in whatever he did. He really enjoyed goldtoken where he could communicate with people from all over. i forgot to mention his garden he had on the roof. a very large one. neighbors and the citry didnt like that one either. took over a decade but the city finally have there way and had to get rid of it. he would haunt me if i forget to mention his gardening. he was called woodhead because he was always working with wood.
Mighty JoFrom: WisconsinJoined: 15 February 2001 Last Play: 16 Dec 2005As most of you know my mom was disabled with COPD. And she passed away at the age of 51 because of it. She will be sadly missed by her friends and family. In the last 4 years this game site meant a lot to her since she was unable to leave her home due to her lung disease. This was very hard since she was such an active person, so this made her very depressed at times. And when she needed someone to talk to all she had to do was turn her web on and all of her friends were right there. You guys were there everyday for her!! She had a lot of great friends here. That's what makes this a great site!! Thanks, tyshy4me ( Tina )
cantileverFrom: Louisiana Age: 57Joined: 8 March 2002 Last Play: 9 May 2005Profile: i like to play games with my friends. you, too, can be my friend; let's have a game, chess or gammon please. at least a week timeout, but play every day
IshkabibbleAge: 49Joined: 25 July 2002 Last Play: 3 October 2005The Big Band Era of the 1930s and 1940s was my grandparents time for fun and dancing. A popular band at the time was Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge: which had Ish Kabibble, trumpet player and comedian, as one of their star attractions. When I was a little boy, I would always be asking my grandfather questions. He was a great kidder, so when I asked a "who" or "what" question, my grandfather would always say "Ishkabibble!" and start to laugh when I got mad. I play as Ishkabibble now as a tribute to my grandfather.
hayleesamFrom: VermontJoined: 1 October 2001 Last Play: 29 August 2005Proud member of: The "Free Spirit" Club, The 7th Heaven Club, The Across All Waters Club, The Backgammon Tournament Club
PattyMeltFrom: lakeside Age: 66Joined: 17 June 2001 Last Play: 27 March 2003Profile: I am addicted to Reversi, mainly I like the large game but will play them all anytime with anyone. I would love to learn more about the game == I love to chat and be friendly, but if you DON'T, WE WON'T!!!
Love StruckFrom: Phila. Pa. Age: 42Joined: 28 August 2003 Last Play: 23 September 2005Profile: I Love Animals, Music, Art,History, Nature, Drawing, Documentaries, Collecting cool magnets, Classic movies, Museums.Deep eye contact, Sultry smiles, Hearty laughs & Body tingling affection. An "Aries" all the way. I've been writing poetry on Peace, Love and War since age 15.
MaDd HaDdRFrom: sequoias Age: 52Joined: 24 May 2002 Last Play: 4 February 2004Profile: I am. O'siyo.Tohijv?Osda.Nigada Dehiyvha!
Vixen VampireFrom: Mohawk Age: 45Joined: 29 April 2002 Last Play: 13 February 2004As everyone knows Samantha was extremely ill with her cancer at the beginning of this year. By Feb, she was in the care of Hospice Nurses and heavily sedated because all they could do by then was to manage her pain. Even though she was suffering so much, she still tried to make sure that her Hospice Nurse was on GT playing her games while she watched. Samantha was a true addict when it came to this site and also her devotion to her friends here at GT was unwavering. She loved all of us here as much as we all loved her.
RomyFrom: danville, il Age: 49Joined: 9 November 2001 Last Play: 5 October 2004Profile: I'm a gran-mom x2, Darien 7 and Avaya 2 yrs now. My grandson lost his first tooth 10-24-03, eating pizza. he's growing up fast.
CoolStreamFrom: ScotlandJoined: 27 July 2000 Last Play: 15 June 2004Profile: Hello, I am from Scotland. In my spare time, I play music on various types of cheese. I am not very good, but I get better. I do not have a fish, but one day I read a pamphlet about it in a restaurant. It says 'Fish is good for you'. I don't feel better yet. Maybe I get one soon. My favorite color is soft. I have no favorite number. Sometimes I wear odd socks in the dark.
ttonnaAge: 32Joined: 18 September 2001 Last Play: 10 September 2003Tonya was a very active member of the Home place club and the play with the best lose like the rest club. She was an awesome backgammon and reversi player. She loved games! She even had her laptop in the hospital with her. Tonya was the greatest friend in the world. Anyone who knew her or played her very lucky people and I was the luckiest of all because she was my BEST friend. ~~valerie
VLAD of The Dungeon..VLAD was a fun person and had a wicked sense of humor. He was killed on the way to work one Jan morning back in 2004, by a drunk driver. Please contact pepperbeach and she can give you more info about him for this page. I would like to see him remembered for the good and loving person that he was. Cindy Catz52Meow
bcurb OTFFrom: Amarillo,TX Age: 66Joined: 7 August,2001 Last Play: March 13 2006Lots of our family here on GoldToken knew my sis. she has been sick for at least 5 years but I took her a webtv and we played and chatted every day and sometimes into the night. She loved GoldToken, The Management, the players and she loved her clubs. She and I became a member in the *Several Species of Small Furry Animals Getherd Together in a ave and Groovin' With A Pict. club. when we joined the club in 2001 RavenWolf OTF aka MommaWolf OTF is the one who owned and operated the club with her fine team of officers. Bea enjoyed playing against MommaWolf and many others in the clubs. At one time she changed her name from bcurb to Deer then back to bcurb OTF. I sure do miss you sis and miss our chatting and the games we played. You would win then I would win. I am so glad you are home now and not more of the pain and suffering you have had for so many years. Your sis who loves you and misses you very much. You left a lot of family on this site my dear. But I know you are up in heaven running the GoldToken club there. Love you sis, dingbat
RockinRonFrom: Springfield, MAJoined:27 February 2001Ron was dearly loved by all. One of GoldToken's first club presidents and site supporters. Ron had everything to give, whether it be friendship or a hug.
AppaloosaFrom CanadaJoined: 21 March 2005My mother was someone who enjoyed life and took one day at the time. She had a passion for horses, reading and computer. She is the one who talk to me about Goldtoken and I decided to join this club. You guys where a family for my mother and you had a big place in her heart for over 1 year. Thank you Goldtoken for being such a great family for my mother and I. ~~Esmeralda
FujiTapeFrom Fremont CaliforniaJoined: 28 June 2001President of NINE CLUBS and a real down-to-earth friendly person. Maverick and I are glad to have met him a few years back. He always had a kind word and a smile. Dave will be very missed here at GoldToken! Golden Queen of NY & Maverick
Connie SueFrom IowaJoined: 8 March 2005Connie Sue passed away in her sleep September 24 2006. She had been ill for some time and was in and out of the hospital during the year. Her family was her dearest love and she was very much loved by Jessie and her sons. Connie Sue loved her online family too and loved to play at Gold Token. She was a great, loving and caring friend, and is greatly missed by her family and friends.
Cherokee WarriorFrom: Ormond Beach,Fl.Joined: 24 August 2005I would like to thank everyone that played chess with my dad,Cherokee Warrior.You made his time here very enjoyable.He loved this site,and the people that make it what it is. Thanks, KOUKA
MR KING MANFrom: Manchester, New HampshireJoined: 12 June 2004As many of you know, MR KING MAN, better known as Roland, was a great man. He served with the Navy during World War 2 and was a true hero to many. He loved playing checkers and he loved this site so much. He recommended this site to so many, including me. Many of you know that he was disabled. He was confined to a wheelchair and on oxygen. He filled his days with painting, teaching, building electric guitars, inventing/producing board games, and matchstick making. He leaves behind his wife, Marge, three sons, and many more extended family members. Thanks to everyone here who showed him kindness and care in his last few years. MizE
bamajoeJoined: 19 May 2002Joe Wallace was a living testimony of how a true servant of Jesus Christ should live their life. He never became angry or bitter after his car wreck. And over the last few years, he had touched thousands of lives through his testimony which circulated the www. He also touched the lives of all who knew him. He spent hours a day in prayer and Bibe study. He hardly ever missed church on Sunday. If he saw a need... he met it! Joe Wallace had a HUGE heart.
CheeseHeadFrom: Freedom, WIJoined: 15 April 2006BJ passed away at the age of 41 of a heart attack. He did have a lot of health issues like COPD, sleep apea, CHF, congestive heart failure, emphysema and very recently tachycardia(hight hate rate). Since he was in the hospital this past November for a week when they changes most of his meds he had been doing really good.SO it was a big shock to everyone. BJ was a sweetheart and would doing anything for anyone.He was born and raised in Pearl River Louisiana and moved to Wisconsin in September 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina. BJ was a true Southern Gent. I would like to thank everyone for being his friend on Goldtoken. His motto was he never met a stranger. Thanks his wife, Shariann
Kingpin1Joined: 6 October 1999From: Portland, OROne of GoldToken's first players, Dennis passed away late 2007 after a long term illness. He said this about himself: I've been happily married for 34 years now & have 2 grown children (one of whom is married) thus I'm also a Grandpa by the name Papa. Happy with life. I love the Pacific Northwest. I am retired & no longer working except as a house hubby or doing volunteer work. It's Grandpa Dennis now.
loboJoined: 24 November 2002Lobo-Joe Wallace 1951-2007. Wado (thank you) friend.To know you was to love you and respect. Now you walk with our Lord in Heaven.The Red Road has ended for you ,but we must keep pushing on. Your spirit was filled with love and respect to all. I wish I could of said Goodnight Baby,but guess it wasn't meant to be.So often we don't get to say goodbye to those we love. Wado friend. Lobo Joe the lonewolf has traveled the red Road to see His Heavenly Father ~~* Sassy_Angel *
Dr PinballFrom: Lake Elsinore CaJoined: 15 August 2001Dr Pinball was a wonderful person, He loved his games with a passion, even against friends, he would say "No mercy in the games"...Backgammon was his favorite game, and he was enjoying Muggins as well...He and I met playing backgammon on line, it was my honor to play him, and to be his wife, and he will be missed by all who knew him, and mostly by me...Thank you, Spencer
drgnrdrFrom: Portland,Maine Age: 63Joined: 7 June 2001A lover of the Anne McCafferys "The Dragonriders of Pern" series, Dave was GoldToken's dragonrider. During his younger years, Dave was an avid sportsman. He particularly enjoyed water skiing on Lake Winnipesaukee and snow skiing in that area. He also enjoyed photography and in recent years spent time playing sophisticated computer games internationally. He was highly knowledgeable about many kinds of trivia and enjoyed sharing that with others.
totoFrom: SC/USAJoined: 13 December 2004"Keep smiling and enjoy life!" this is who she was. ~~terror1
KOOKYFrom: SC/USAJoined: 6 July 2001Profile: I like to play, outbreak, reversi, halma, 4 in a row, backgammon, hypergammon & lucky trax & gold dots No chess of any kind please.
ISHKAFrom: PennsylvaniaJoined: 22 October 2002Darlene passed away Nov 13th 2007 she was 35. Her mother Barb said that Gold Token brought Darlene so much joy by the friends she made and the time shared here. I enjoyed her friendship, she joined my The Soap Dish Club we would have great fun coming up with our own story lines and plots while playing a game. We laughed and said we should write for the shows. She spent many hours here, it took her mind off her illness. I miss her and our chats! asmdrm
bezmayFrom: UKJoined 31 January 2002i know she loved playing on this site and course she didn't get out much this site brought her joy just so she could speak to ppl she made friends with on here and chat ~~angie_babe
Chinese CheckerJoined: 6 December 2001Hi i am barry14 , my friend ( Chinese Checker ) has passed away from cancer on june 1st He and i have 2 games going right now , but i would like to give him the wins, he won most of our games anyway. His brother Ramjo is taking his death pretty hard . Can you send him a sympathy card from the all the members of Goldtoken? a couple of our friends also play here, 2stimy & Breakdancer. We like Goldtoken it`s a great place to play games.
MrGigglesFrom: OhioJoined: 26 March 2003I have played MrGiggles on and off over the years and I still have him on my buddy list. What stuck out most about him no matter when you played him was his cheerful banter and that he always came across as a very friendly and nice person. He once told me that he was lonesome, but he loved getting outdoors, loved drawing people, playing games with his friends here at GT, and loved telling jokes. He will be sadly missed and was a super person. ~~HeartOnFire
loca2From: Ferndale16 August 2008Joan (loca2) was a person with a great and loving heart who would doing whatever she could for you. But that doesn't mean she put up with any guff either. Joan also had a wonderful sense of humor with a slight twist to it. Her smile was a delight and her laugh was infectious. She passed with the same grace and style she showed in life. She loved my sister, my daughter's and myself unconditionally and with her whole heart. Our family will miss her more than words can say and our hearts are filled with the love she always gave to us. To know her was to love her...
tizalouisaFrom Califoria19 April 2007I know she would be sorry she did not have time to say good bye to the people she made friends with here at GT. She really enjoyed playing at this website and thought it was the best by far to any other. She spent many happy hours here and she would thank you, Mary, and all the others for doing such an outstanding job at running a safe and warm place for all of us to enjoy. Tho it took me awhile because I still miss her so, it was because of her that I joined. Bless you, Mary and all from Jo.
boobooFrom: Russell, KansasJoined: 18 September 2003booboo loved to play games here and she was a wonderful kind person! When she won a game she would say "Yippee!!" She will be greatly missed by all!
CATNAPFrom: Cortland, NY, USAJoined: 7 April 2001We who knew her will miss her, and our thoughts and prayers go to Rich.
RonFrom: Nanshan District, ChinaJoined: 16 October 2008Profile: My main hobby apart from draughts (checkers) is watching my beloved football team. Still not ashamed to say "Newcastle United" I know they are going through a bad time at the moment (very very bad time) but they will come back.
CurbhuggerFrom: Little Rock, ARJoined: 5 April 2006In his own words, his Profile: HELLO i drive a taxi, hence the name (CURBHUGGER ).THESE ARE THE GAMES I LIKE TO PLAY ; any backgammon version , muggins, threez and fives, lets GIT ER DONE ////// and remember, DONT DRIVE LIKE MY BRUDDER ! FUGEDABOUDIT !!! I don't take any days off, I catchup on games in da , mornin, inda evening, & usually ,noonish 7 days a week please keep games to a max. of three day limit .nightingale is my sis,she is why I'm not only an uncle, but im a GREAT UNCLE too. thanks sis.
tigerlilyFrom: United KingdomJoined: 29 February 2004tigerlily was one of the first people i played backgammon with here at GT. I was very new to the site, and I couldn't work out why she kept putting "GL" and "TY" in the white box below the game board. She became a good friend on line, and we met up in real time too. Tigerlilly was very ill with progressive MS, but always made me laugh. During my own health nightmare she kept me sane and offered many wise words. Sadly last year the MS became so advanced she had to quit playing. At Christmas her health took a turn for the worst. Her strength and courage kept her going until the 25th of June 2009. She was an amazing woman and I am so glad I knew her. As for her name, her partner told her "you're as fierce as a tiger, and as beautiful as a lily". To Tigerlilly Thanks for your friendship, may you be free from pain and suffering.
midniteladyFrom: GeorgiaJoined: 13 February 2001midnitelady passed away unexpectedly in her sleep this past Friday. We ( the family ) are devastated and she will surely be missed. I live in NY and she was in Georgia and we kept in contact. I loved her so much, we were very close. PLEASE keep my brother ( midnitelady's husband ) in Prayer, he is not doing well just as well as he can. Thank you for receiving this message and thank you to all who knew her on GT and played games with her and became her friend. God Bless all of You, Bobbi (GT PLAYER) ( sister in law of midnitelady )
Lindap957From: Thomasville, NCJoined: 22 December 2002Linda was a huge card, sure to make anyone who knew her laugh. She will be greatly missed. In her own words "For those who have ever wondered about the 957 in my nic it is not my birthday. It is actually part of my email address. My birthday it is actually on August 27."
LilSisFrom: Fairmont, WVJoined: 22 February 2001After a very long hard fought battle lasting over 21 years (1988-2009), Linda passed, so she now is in heaven with all of her loved ones that passed before her....(Knowing her dancing the jig-Getting Down) No more pain...No more suffering...She is at peace. She was loved by and real life. Her family surrounded her when she took her last breath. As much as you all loved Linda she loved you that much back...God Bless You All, The Linda Javosky Family
Lynn33From: Bangor, MaineJoined: 24 February 2009Lynn was a good friend of mine for 10 years. She had no Family just her really good friend Pam from Maine. Taught me everything I know about Webtv. She really helped me thru my grieving process--I had lost my Hubby recently. Will miss her a lot. - nelmpa /Thelma
PeachyFrom: Willow SpringsJoined: 31 December 2002She departed this life on Jan. 27, 2010, at the age of 36 years. She liked to spend time with her son, Chase. She also enjoyed reading and playing on the computer. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.
cocopuffFrom: PennsylvaniaJoined: 14 January 2001Molly passed away May 25th 2010 at the age of 72. She was a lovely person always caring for people and she will be sadly missed by her family as well as her many friends here at GoldToken. I had the honour and pleasure of playing lots of games with her almost from we both joined this site and for as long as she was able to play. RIP Molly, you are in our prayers. - John, aka superkaempe the gentle giant
NightWishesFrom: ScotlandJoined: 4 January 2002My good friend Fiona (Nightwishes) lost her battle with cancer on 10th June 2010. I will miss her greatly. She truly inspired me. Night night, Fi, sleep tight. - Bilko
nisncFrom: GeorgiaJoined: 29 May 2001My father-in-law, who played on here as nisnc a few years ago, passed away on May 13th. We all started playing on GolZdToken when my brother-in-law and his wife were in Macedonia as part of the Peace Corps. This was a great way for us to communicate while in different time zones. The boys' Grandpa will be missed.
nisquallyFrom: Olympia,WashingtonJoined: 10 April 2001Roy had that unique ability to make everyone feel they were his best friend, and they really were! Always a kind word for any event, and an active competitor in many games, you could count on him!
MountainMistFrom: EnglandJoined: 31 March 2002Chris was the backbone of many behind the scene projects on GoldToken. She always had a kind word of encouragement for anyone feeling low, and was one of the sweetest people I have ever known. She will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and condolences are with her family. She loved life and reveled in it, once explaining her beliefs by saying that life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. Rather than cry, celebrate her life by taking a hike through the woods or fields nearby - something she dearly loved.
EagleAnneyFrom: West VirginiaJoined: 31 August 2001EagleAnney absolutely loved Goldtoken and it kept her going many days through the past few years. Thank you for providing more than just a place to play a game, but to build a family of friends who connect in a different kind of way.
cyrano of the Muggers.From: Bangor, MaineJoined: 13 June 2001In great sadness I report the death of Ray Hemstock. Ray left us last Saturday, 26 March. He and his wife Doreen do not have a computer. Anyone wishing to send condolences to Doreen may contact me by PM. Ray was a gentle man and a fine chess player who had reverence for the immortals of the game. i will miss our time together. best to all, davidmaine
LostSoulFrom: TexasJoined: 18 March 2005An avid Checker, Backgammon and Grabble player, Santos was a generous and family oriented man. He enjoyed reading, music, gardening and playing his many friends on GoldToken. Santos will be greatly missed by all of us! I have played him since starting here and will miss him a lot. He was a very kind and sweet man. Never met him, but I wouldn't feel the loss any more if I had.
luctrucFrom: Charlottesville,VAJoined: 8 May 2001An avid Chess player and cinephile, Scott was a true character. He loved political and religious debates, and took great pleasure in challenging others regarding their beliefs. The proud owner of The NAA Golden Chess Muggers Club since 2001, few know that Scott was the mastermind behind most of GoldToken's chess improvements. He will be sorely missed by all!
marybryant90From: Goochland, VirginiaJoined: 5 April 2005Mary passed away the Friday before Christmas. They were all packed to go to Florida and she got sick when they took her to the hospital her kidneys had shut down. She has been fighting cancer for quite a while now. She was such a sweet person, a marvilous Grandmother, Mother, and Friend.
NoortjeFrom: The HagueJoined: 29 March 2010Noortje died a few weeks ago after years of fighting against cancer. We lost a loving wonderful person but we are happy that she no longer has pain anymore. Thank you all for loving her. -Rico, partner
Chef DaleFrom: Dover, OhioJoined: 19 February 2001A true foodie, Dale loved to cook and was often seen submitting his tasty recipes on the Cutting Board. He will be greatly missed!
TN-TFrom: Nashville, TNJoined: 19 February 2001Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. - Princess Diana! Beth lived and breathed this favorite motto of hers daily. She cared for everyone and was a joy to those that knew her.
mail2owlTexas Age 82Joined: 25 December 2009Loved to play Chess with his daughter and several friends.
Mark Callaway 41Joined: 30 March 2003Loving father of 5 who enjoyed chess and checkers.
piscatorOxfordJoined: 13 December 2005A truly great checker leader!
BILLY THE KIDFrom: SATSUMA FLJoined: 6 March 2002Billy loved all the card games dearly, but Backgammon was his best!
deedee4515From: British Columbia, CanadaJoined: 3 February 2011Enjoyed many of GoldToken games
Panda LadyFrom: Florida, USAJoined: 16 June 2008She was a GT addict, until She became too ill to play. She's survived by 2 Sons,1 Granddughter and Her loving Husband. As well as 4 siblings. She Lives on, both as an Organ Donor, and in Our Hearts. Her family will be having a private Memorial on June 19th in the Tampa, Florida area. Thank You All for making Her so welcomed. Her Loving, Oldest Son, Andrew Zimmer (aka Sir-Zane )
gmakFrom: Danbury, CTJoined: 30 June 2007What a tragic loss to GoldToken! Gary was a lovely man by all standards. He was so nice, cared for everyone and never had a mean thing to say.
craftyFrom: NJ USAJoined: 18 October 2002Norma passed away on Mothers day The 12th of May 2013. She touched everyone's heart that knew her. Much more than a friend, she was like a second Mom to me. I could go to her with all kinds of advice and she was there. I lost my Mom June 29th of 2012. Norma was right there for me no matter what time of day or night. I miss her so much. - maggiefrommd
ladybugwranglerFrom: Lansing, MI USAJoined: 10 November 2001
NargadaFrom: Southern California, USAJoined: 24 January 2002Marla was born with Muscular Dystrophy, and was disabled most of her life because of it. She had to use a wheelchair since her teens. She and her family were told at that time that she was not expected to live past her teens. When she was older, she was also told that she would never be able to bear children. On September 12, 2009, Marla celebrated her 50th birthday, along with many family members and friends, including her two beautiful sons, Matthew and Mayson. It was truly a celebration of the many miracles in her life. Marla enjoyed being involved here at Gold Token, and had many friends here. She established the Disability Cove Club, which encouraged other people with disabilities to connect with each other, and share their issues and triumphs. Marla will be greatly missed by all!
BobbopperFrom: Greensburgh Pa, USAJoined: 20 September 2003To all who knew and played regularly with my Uncle Bob, I have the sad task of informing you of his passing. He lost his battle with lung cancer and was laid to rest yesterday. I know he thoroughly enjoyed his online games and undoubtedly made many online friendships that we will never know. Thank you for your part in his life. ~~Bob's niece, Jaime
NidawiiFrom: Florida, USAJoined: 26 April 2011In Memory of Nidawii, which is native American for Friend. She introduced me to my first Computer and my first ever Game Site Goldtoken. This was in 2011 and I have been here ever since. She was my very best and only true Friend for 30 Years. We lived 10 minutes apart from each other in the same Town. She was laid to Rest December 13, 2014 and is now in the Palm of Gods Hand. I will miss her forever. ~~ Cheetah
venneFrom: Sevalla... in the woods!Joined: 8 May 2002This is about my husband, Sven Seborn. Perhaps venne was an opponent of yours. He enjoyed playing tournaments in backgammon, chess and many other games and was a good competitor. I know he made friends with some he played against and I would like you to know that he passed away on January 12th 2015 after a 6 month long battle with lung cancer. May he rest in peace.
PurpleFrom: Citrus Heights, CAJoined: 5 November 2003Founder of the Killing Machine Checker Club. (Now the The Tiger Checker Club)
janbeth1From: Vancouver WashingtonJoined: 23 July 2002Jan lived in Vancouver Washington with her loyal and loving husband Stan. They enjoyed teaching Astronomy at schools and having Star Parties. Jan made quite a few friends through her playing games here on Goldtoken. Although she did not actually meet a lot of us, we often talked on the phone. It was restivo46 who introduced Jan to both norma8 and GinnyB and they all were really like sisters being there for each other in their time of need. Although restivo46 was in Australia, GinnyB is California and norma8 in Birmingham Uk, Goldtoken helped us all foster our friendships over a number of years. We were all there for Jan as her health deteriorated as she had problems with her kidneys and then her heart. We were all very saddened to hear of Jan's passing on the 21st February 2015. She had not moved on Goldtoken for some time because she really did not even have the strength to sit at the computer for any amount of time and also had a lot of trouble breathing. We were all very fortunate to talk to Jan during her final days on the phone over December/January.
Saints FanFrom: LouisianaJoined: 2006Saints Fan passed away on Aug 19,2015 after battling several illnesses . He has played here at Gold Token since 2006 and for many years played as CajunInTexas54. He loved coming to his games everyday and I know that he had members he played with for many years, I will miss my best friend but he is no longer suffering in this world. Light_1955
dingbatFrom: ArkansasJoined: 27 June 2001There are not words enough to express how much I will miss you dear friend, sister, confidant, and fellow forgetful comrade. Till we meet again June, don't tear up and down heavens hallways, and try to stay out of mischief! I love you!!!!!!! ~~Mary Jo
nursie >From: InvercargillJoined: 1 March 2007Dear, wonderful, sweet, kind and lovely Jan Mortimer “nursie” passed away on the 25th July, 2015, after an eight-month battle with terminal cancer. We were friends for about twelve years and I am going to miss her more than I can say. Jan was a great Checker player who played for the world title on two occasions and was US Open Champion. RIP dear friend. { Player: Lind }.
SHARRONSt. Cloud, FlJoined: January 20, 2009 Last Play: November 17, 2015SHARRON passed away from an illness suddenly and it was unexpected. Heaven gained this very special angel Sunday, November 22, 2015, where she now resides with her beloved husband, Jerry. She was a very dear, sweet lady and a good friend to many here at GoldToken. She will be missed very much. She was a faithful member in many clubs. She played many games here at GoldToken and she played her games often, even while being sick. She always had a kind word to say and a listening ear. A truly good-hearted person who minimized her own issues to ask how the other person was doing. R.I.P. SHARRON , you will be missed by all!!! - Scoopdedew
rsm31From: Cincy, OhioJoined: 3 January 2005
greggywFrom: OhioJoined: July 18, 2004Greg worked hard behind the scene in our tournament department. He will be forever missed.
Misfit Lenrad6672Scotchtown NYJoined: June 1, 2000Ellen was a very warm and welcoming person. Ellen played almost 16 years at Goldtoken. She will be missed by her husband Dbledee and all of her Goldtoken friends.
TexasToestMesquite, TexasJoined: June 2, 2002TexasToest Proud and Beloved owner of The Castaways Club made lots of friends and forever touched them all with her very caring and loving heart.
Dollar Store QueenFrom: TexasJoined: December 30, 2001Dollar Store Queen was a very loving, caring nurse for many years also a very loving, caring member of our GoldToken family. She will be missed.
MaliesaFrom: Arlington, WaJoined: 22 December 2008Maliesa passed away on November 20, 2016. We met 15 years ago on another game site. I talked her into trying out GoldToken and she loved it right away. She loved the variety and trying new games. She served 24 years in the service and was retired. She volunteered at NOAH, and animal shelter in WA for 10 years. Maliesa was loved by many and will be missed, especially by me. She was my best friend. ~~silknlacy
calpalbobFrom: Paso RoblesJoined: 6 October 2005Thank you for asking me about calpalbob. I was told sometime ago that I could write something about him and just have not taken the time to do it. I knew him quite well as I lived with his wife, Daley and he for over six months in their home in Paso Robles, California. His name was Robby Brown. He worked for Walt Disney in their computer department doing the payroll. He had two children, Ellie and Eric. Eric died at age 30 from liver cancer. Robby was perhaps the funniest person I've ever known. His wife was calpaldale on GoldToken, but has chosen not to be here. Ours was a friendship of over 30 years. No need to say that I miss him as we had talked almost daily. Again Thank you for asking. ~~nanners
wingfootFrom: Paducah, KYJoined: 26 November 2004He loved playing on this site and chatting to other members. First thing he did in the morning was switch on the computer lol, he had a weird sense humor and sometimes people didn't know if he was joking or not. He loved his kids and adored his grandchildren he will be fiercely missed. ~~unicorn
SEASIDEDEBFrom: Jacksonville, FLJoined: 1 November 2008Her name is Deborah! She loved to play games and I really miss her! ~~temari
superkaempe the gentle giantFrom: Aalborg, DenmarkJoined: 23 January 2001I was sorry to hear of the passing of one of Gold Tokens longest time Members, Superkaempe. WE knew each other for close to 2 decades, and always had a game going. He was one of the kindest, most polite People I have ever known, and He will be sorely missed. ~~Sir-Zane
DoodlesFrom: SOMEWHERE WARMJoined: 8 May 2007Martha loved to play games online. I told her about Goldtoken 10 years ago- she tried it and LOVED playing here. She made friends easily. She was a fun lady who was easy to talk to. She was a Red Hat lady. Her family and friends meant the world to her. She will be missed by many.
LindaBFrom: CaliforniaJoined: 6 April 2009What can I say about my sweet cousin Linda. First and foremost she was a believer in Jesus Christ. She loved the LORD and was blessed with his peace that passes all understanding. Linda introduced me to Gold token many years ago. Because we lived in different states we wanted a place to play games and visit and that's when she found Goldtoken. We played together for many years until medical reasons kept her from playing as much as she would have liked to. Linda did not know a stranger she loved people and they loved her. She made lot's of friends here on Goldtoken. She was my friend my family and my sister in Christ and she will be truly missed here on earth. I love you Linda. ~~JGY
BrunoFrom: La Mirada, CA via ArkansasJoined: 21 October 2003Ever the character, Bruse was a kidder..."Oh and PLEASE, don't pull my finger!"
robwilFrom: Urbana, Mo.Joined: 14 January 2013Truly one of the most friendly guys on GoldToken!
Thomas CantyFrom: Palmdale, CAJoined: 16 December 2002Lonnie was a very dear & personal friend of mine. One whom I will never forget. Hugging Miss you Lonnie!!! ~~Mary the Badger
trepnessFrom: I wish we knewJoined: 24 February 2010He wasn't here very long, but those who played him loved him!
StmhawkFrom: Oregon, USAJoined: 4 March 2004Warm wishes and God's love always.
LillieFrom: VirginiaJoined: 2 March 2002Lille had been a active member of the Home Place Club for years. I will miss her and my little chats about our grandkids. She was really a sweet lady. When my husband got sick she was always there giving me encouraging words. Home Place Club will miss her. ~~Hugs, Honeybear
PlainsDaddyFrom: Indiahoma, OKJoined: 14 November 2012Only with us a short while, but well remembered in our hearts. V
MrWCFFrom: MichiganJoined: 6 January 2009Michael Wortley Nolan, founder of the world Camelot Federation ( ) and a real world class camelot player. I count my one true draw against him as my best achievement in this game. ~~rabbitoid
TezcatlipocaFrom: EnglandJoined: 2 April 2012There are special people in our lives who never leave us....Even after they are gone. So it is with Nick, who will forever be playing on GoldToken in spirit.
blackangusFrom: OregonJoined: 1 December 2007Linda was a HUGE part of GT and will be missed by so many members. A true dear heart who gave move than she took 100 fold!
hrhawkFrom: Beaverton, ORJoined: 23 March 2008I didn't know him well, but I always enjoyed our games and we would sometimes chat a bit. He is missed. RIP hrhawk
coopFrom: Johnson City, New YorkJoined: 16 March 2011Paul loved most all of the card games and all of the shake games, also Backgammon, Tourne Case and Acey Deucey. He had just celebrated his 84th Birthday 19th of April 2018. He will be missed by many!
CATCHER211From: South of Buffalo,NYJoined: 12 August 2003There are no words to describe how incredibly kind and amazing Rebecca was as a person. One of GoldToken's most active site volunteers, we know she will be greatly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know her.
smiler5From: Darlington,Co. Durham, UKJoined: 23 July 2010Marie loved bad puns, riddles and detective stories so much, she ran several GoldToken discussion boards to promote them. She is highly missed for her witty comebacks and intense sense of awesome humor!
last rebelFrom: Grandy, NCJoined: 21 January 2011
Goodtime politicsFrom: Hallsboro, NCJoined: 30 September 2001Always happy and fun, most players will remember Paul for his outspoken political stand on the boards. But for those of us who worked with him, Paul was responsible for tracking and keeping multinicks off GoldToken for years. He will be truly missed!!
BudgieFrom: Wigan EnglandJoined: 21 January 2011Ron was a great person! He was a wonderful gentle man that was always a pleasure to play. Most everyone enjoyed the Tournaments he used to set up and also the clubs he had.
beachcomberFrom: severn beach U.K.Joined: 16 December 2013Andrew Munday passed away last month after a short illness. Andy was a good friend who had a big heart and he was always there for me. He was an Officer in my club and was very helpful and kind, he was also a very private man and I'm glad I was able to get to know him, was close to him. I will miss him so much. ~Lisa Marie
SoftBreezeFrom: Indianapolis / IndianaJoined: 14 March 2003Terry was a warm-hearted woman who had been suffering from health problems for quite some time. She will be missed by all whom she befriended here.
furryfeetFrom: WisconsinJoined: 10 April 2003Stan loved his many pets over the years enjoyed heading up The Kitties Korner & Doggie Daycare Club, a group of fellow pet lovers here on GoldToken.
MillieFrom: South GateJoined: 29 March 2001Millie was truly a gentle woman with a kind word for anyone and everyone. She will be missed by all!
ChristinaFrom: Upstate NYJoined: 24 March 2002Christina was the kindest, most patient gal with a heart of gold.
generous52From: Bassett, VAJoined: 10 July 2005Generous52 loved playing her games and talking and meeting people here. She never missed a day unless something was wrong. She told lots of people about how much fun GoldToken was. She tried to play her games here up until about 2 weeks before her death until her eyes got too weary. She helped her sister ladyvic in many Clubs and was eager to help. She will be missed here by many.
kamikazeFrom: columbiaJoined: 15 November 2009Your view of the world was enticing and calculating at the same time ha!
CheetahFrom:Paisley, FloridaJoined: 27 April 2011Christa aka Cheetah loved to spend her time here at GoldToken since she joined in 2011. She worked tirelessly in her club and helped in so many more. Since she came from Germany many years ago she didn't have family so she always said her family was right her on GoldToken. She passed away quickly from a battle of cancer on 12-8-19. We will miss her as well as her beloved fur babies that she loved and protected. Her presence will live on with the friends she made here. Tossing heart (left)
peachoFrom: Springfield,Vt.Joined: 27 April 2011Richard Farren was my brother. I got him to join here briefly as a guest and we played games together on here for a bit. It was one way we stayed connected. This is a good site for that. Thank you, mystori
GenieFrom:Kemah TXJoined: 7 December 2001Everyone was so saddened to learn of our Genie's passing. But remember a person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds and through us they live on. She will live on with her GoldToken family for a long time. We miss you Genie HuggingCandle
alexleeFrom: Palm Bay FloridaJoined: 7 August 2001Mom truly loved her game sites and close group of people she got to know over all these years. She would talk to me about the same people over the years, and I would tease her about her "game family" all the time. I'm grateful she had you guys. I will miss her so so much. ~~Tina.
ScoopdedewFrom: Calvert City, KentuckyJoined: 19 April 2007It has been my pleasure to have helped Joanne run her club on GoldToken. She was very dedicated to her Lord, her GT family, and to her pets whom she missed so much the past few months. May she rest in peace among her friends and family who preceded her.
SapientFrom: New Rochelle, NYJoined: 29 December 2009Ruben was a major IT guy with 35+ years of experience in tech support. A very proficient player, his favorite games were Chess, Stacking Grabble, Swap Grabble, Whist, Spades, Hearts, Senet, Cylindrical Four in a Row, Lines of Action, Dice Salvo, Rummibub, American Rummikab, Mahjong, and Caveman.
sandi en margaritaFrom: Margarita, VZLAJoined: 6 June 2012Those of you who knew Sandi will remember her intrepid and independent spirit, that she spoke her mind, and at the same time was filled with compassion and love for those she knew. She dearly loved GoldToken and all her close friends here.
glvFrom: Hartford ConnecticutJoined: 1 May 2017Gail was my wife's HollandSkip's cousin. We introduced her to Gold Token in April 2017, and she was on here almost every day since. She loved the games. Gail was a retired flight attendant from Northwest/Delta. She was devoted to her flight attendant and high school pals, as well as her loving aunts, uncles, and cousins and her dear friends in Crosslake, Minnesota. The countless dogs she cared for were fortunate to have her look after them. Gail was an extraordinarily generous, fun-loving person who loved playing games with friends and family around the country. Traveling internationally was another highlight of her life.~John Q
skcorkyFrom: BostonJoined 22 July 2011 Last Play: 15 September 2020Born Steven Stavis - Boston Mass born June 28 1947Steven and his wife came to GT from a mutual friend who played on GT. Steven got involved with some clubs but loved GT and loved to play chess here. He also loved to played different games he never played and seemed to master the ones he loved. Steven was a avid golfer and loved the outdoors..Steven will be missed by his wife and friends he made on GT. Thank you for adding Steven to the memorial his wife will be so pleased to see it.
shaddow556From:Joined 18 April 2007 Last play: 26 May 2021Just for your information, our Goldtoken member shaddow556 died on 5/26/2021 She was a very close friend of mine. I played many games with her. I'm sorry to see her go. Goldtoken member, Barney
WONRHAFFrom: WAUKESHA, WISCONSINJoined 27 April 2008 Last play: 19 June 2021Erv Fahrnow aka WONRHAF has passed on. My big brother Ervy died this morning 24 Jun 2021. His life was (bleep), but he made peace with it. Family & friends have sent me messages saying how much they loved him. If that's true, why didn't they call or visit him these last few years?Yes, I'm a tad bitter, but he's in such a better place now and I'm so happy he's no longer lonely. I love you Ervy.
ponygirlFrom: MinnesotaJoined 6 January 2006-Last play 9 October 2018My mom was an awesome lady who loved her kids and grandkids. She loved to play games with us. We played a lot Super Mario games together. Mom, my brother, my sister, my kids, and I would play Mario Party for hours on end when I came to visit. It was so much fun. We would heckle each other and we would hear mom cackle every time she would win one of the mini games because we'd all be groaning and whining that we didn't win. It was so much fun. We also played a lot of Scrabble and, of course, my mom would win most of the time. She introduced me to GoldToken and got me hooked. She loved the people and the games on this site. Looking back on our time together, I'm reminded of a quote from a Winnie the Pooh book - "We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun." I am so thankful to God that I was able to build such a good, close, wonderful relationship with her. She loved her Jesus and, although I miss her and think about her every day, it's only happy memories. Knowing that I'll get to see her again one day in heaven makes missing her a bit easier. I miss hearing (or reading through messenger Smiling) her call me brat while sticking out her tongue at me. Oh, what happy memories I hold and look back at about a beautiful soul that God gifted me with on this earth as my mother. I will be forever grateful and cherish every moment I got to spend with her. Hello,My mom was ponygirl. She was a long time member and hadn't played in about 3 years, but she loved this site, the games, and the people here. I just wanted to let you know that she passed away last July 2020 from lung cancer.Lady Sili
GrannyPattyFrom: West VirginiaJoined: 1 June 2001 Last Play: 4 June 2021She passed away Jun 2021the services are at Evans-Calfee Funeral Home in Pineville. A kind, loving lady who will be greatly missed here on GoldToken.
baxter10From: Mantva, NJJoined: 23 December, 2012 Last Play: 16 January 2021Pat our sister (AKA Baxter10) passed away on January 13th after a 9 day hospitalization from Covid. Pat was the 3rd daughter, out if 4 girls and one boy. She was a mom of 3, grandmother of 5,a nurse, a good friend to her loyal group, but she was a wonderful sister. She had a great sense of humor and when we got together as a family, there was a lot of laughter and love. She embraced life and loved to travel and was always up for a good time. She thoroughly enjoyed playing games here at Goldtoken, and although she didn't play many different people, all 4 girls had a number of games going at any one time. Pat will be greatly missed by those that knew and loved her. Thank youGilbertei (the 4th sister)Marylou (the first sister)Loondog (the second sister)
krin63From Snohomish, WaJoined March 2006Gone too soon in life, forever my kid sister, I love you.
hairhatFrom Placerville, CAJoined March 2008I am crushed to learn of your death Scott. So many good memories playing chess and barricade on the back patio overlooking the woodland, all the laughter, good food and the many adventures. Guess by now you’ll have discovered the answer to our long debate. May you rest in peace and know I did truly love you, very much. ~~Mary Goold
qvarizonaFrom Camano IslandJoined Feb 2011While you never played, it was nice knowing you were here checking things out from time to time. I love you Mom Loving eyes
{ Player: ellioop }FromJoined

3 All of GoldToken players are important! We are family! If you know of a player that has passed or has been permanently placed in nursing/hospital care, and they are not on this list, please send their name to GoldToken Support. Thank you

Please Note:

It has been deemed necessary for GoldToken Management to view or receive legitimate confirmation that a player has sadly passed away if that is what has been reported. Confirmation can be in the form of an online obituary, or having one mailed to us directly. Due to some bad faith situations in the past, Management will not be able to post anything in a player's name without the confirmation. This means that we will not be able to put a player's name into a memorial tournament, nor place the player's memorial write up on this page until confirmation is received in some form.

If an obituary is not attainable by an online link, GoldToken will accept the memorial pamphlet or newspaper clipping to be mailed to our business address of:

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