Grabble FAQ
What is Grabble?

Grabble is Goldtoken's version of similar popular word games. Grabble is in no way affiliated with Scrabble, which is a trademark of Hasbro. If you were hoping that Grabble would be played the same as Scrabble, you may be disappointed. However, we feel our game is more fun and played with a stronger diligence for family oriented clean and legal/real words.

Great, sounds like fun, how do I get started?

After you've started a game, you will be prompted to choose a color, either blue, green, pink, or white. To do this, simply click on the letter of the corresponding color you prefer. Voila! Your tiles will now be that color. After you've done that, you will be taken to the board. Once you are there, you will see your 7 letters. Choose a word you wish to use, making sure at least one of your letters is on the bonus square in the middle of the board.

How do I place my tiles on the board?

Simply click on the letter you wish you use, then click the square on the board you would like it to be placed at. Your tile will be transported onto the board. When you are done placing them, you may click the 'end this turn' link found above and below the game board. In addition, once you have placed your first tile, you have the option of using the 'quick move' feature located in the box under your game board. Simply type the letters that you wish to use, in order, skipping any letters that are already on the board. Choose the direction you want your word to be formed in, either across or down, and click the 'Quick Move' button.

Why is there a horse head where one of my letters should be?

This represents our wild tiles. Wild tiles can be any letter you choose. If you wish to use a wild tile, simply click on it and place it on the board. You will then be prompted above the game board to choose which letter you would like the wild to represent. Once you choose a letter and submit the move, that tile will stay that letter for the remainder of the game.

I can't think of a word when my tiles are in this order! How do I move them?

Under the game board and your tiles, you will see a link that says "Shuffle My Tiles" Simply click this link and your tiles will be rearranged. You can click this link as many times as you like.

None of these letters are working for me, how do I trade them?

Again, under the game board and tiles you will see a link that says 'Trade tiles'. You will be prompted to choose which tiles you would like to trade. You can trade as many or as little tiles as you wish, 1 through 7, as long as there are a sufficient number of tiles remaining in the pool. When you trade tiles, that is considered your turn. You will not be able to make a word, and you will not be able to score any points in that turn.

What is the chart in the box under my game board?

This is the Beginner's Help. It tells you how many of each tile is available in game play, and their corresponding point values. You may chose to close this chart by clicking the 'turn it off' link. You can also access this chart at any time by referring to our Grabble Rules.

Are there any bonuses in this game?

Yes there are! In addition to the 2x, 3x, and 4x letter and word squares found on the board, you will also receive double the points if you manage to use all seven tiles in one turn.

How do I get my score?

Your score will automatically be calculated for you. As you are forming words, your cumulative score will be adjusted after your name under the game board. In addition, in the box below, you will be told how many points your word will earn you if you choose to save it.

What kinds of words can I use?

To be valid, words must be able to be read going either left to right or top to bottom, as in a crossword puzzle. Words may not be formed diagonally or backwards. Every word that is formed must be found in our online dictionary. Words which contain capitalized letters, such as proper names, are not valid words for this game. Abbreviations are not allowed, this includes two letter combination's from the periodic table of elements. In addition, our word list has been tailored to fit our family friendly site standards. If a word you are attempting to make is not found in our word list, it will tell you this in the box under your game board and not allow you to save the move.

I think my word is valid, but it won't let me save it. What should I do?

Please place the word you are inquiring about on our [ Questionable Grabble Words ] wiki so that one of our Grabble Crew members can review it. However, we cannot guarantee a timely response to such a request, nor will the game play be paused while we consider the request; in other words you must still make your move before the time runs out. To request that we add a word to our dictionary, please provide us with a reference to that word in an existing, reputable, internet-accessible dictionary like

  • Please note:
GoldToken does not allow words that are considered offensive on it's boards, or in this game. Some words that may not appear offensive to you may have an entirely different meaning in another culture and as such, will not be allowed.

My opponent used a word that I don't think should be allowed, what do I do?

Again, please place the word you are inquiring about on our [ Questionable Grabble Words ] wiki so that one of our Grabble Crew members can review it.. Please list the reason you feel this word should be removed. It is offensive, it is a proper noun, etc. We will review your request and judge it's validity.

How do I win?

The game ends either when the pool is empty and each player passes his or her move or when the pool is empty and a player plays all remaining tiles in his or her hand. The winner is the player with the highest score.

Help! I'm on WebTV and I'm frozen!

If you find yourself in this position, you may need to disable the beginner's help chart located under your game board. If this does not help, you may need to edit your preferences, unchecking the box that allows you to click in every square. Both of these options may save enough memory that you are able to play. If you find yourself in this position, notify GoldToken Support, with the game number and the request to back the game up a move so we can allow you to adjust these settings.

Regular Grabble does not allow abbreviations, acronyms, slang, non English words, proper nouns, infractions, interjections, plural endings, prefixes or suffixes unless it is a word in it's own, variant spellings, alternative spellings, obscure words, or words not found in most recent editions of The Chambers and The American Heritage Dictionaries.

AnyGrabble is a variant that uses a bigger list of words than regular Grabble - various bad words are still not allowed. AnyGrabble uses the same dictionaries, but allows a broader number of words; variant spellings, alternative spellings, obscure words, abbreviations etc.

Special Note:
Players from several English speaking countries play here. And it seems each English speaking country has it's own slang words that we must consider when judging what words should and should not be allowed. It is with this in view that we have outlawed some words that you might use on a regular basis that do not seem offensive. At least, they are not offensive in the country that you reside. We do appreciate your understanding and hope this clearly explains GoldToken's stand with the word list currently used for our Grabble game.