Picture Uploading Instructions
To upload a picture to your profile (Platinum members only) or photo album (all members), you will need to go to your options box that is located on your main gamesheet and click on one of these two options:

1 1.) View my Photo Album

From there, you will see under your photo album header, the following links:
  • You have a total of (number of albums will be noted here) photo album. You can view a list of the albums.
  • You can upload a total of 100 album photos to this album. Upload a new photo.

From there you:
  • click on (upload a new photo)

1 2.) See my Profile

From there, you will see at the top of your profile page the Platinum Horse head and under it will read:
  • (upload a new photo)
From there you:
  • click on (upload a new photo)

2 When you click on (upload a new photo) and it will take you to this page:

Please select a picture from your computer to upload to this site.

Once approved, the uploaded picture will be displayed on your profile page.

Please note that the picture you upload must comply with our posted Acceptable Use Policy. Violation of that policy could result in account termination.

We accept images in the following formats:

PNG (note that this format is not fully supported by all browsers)

Picture to upload: ___________________ | Browse |

From that page click on the:
  • | Browse | button and find the picture you want to upload from your computer.

Once you have done that, click the:
  • | Upload | button

You should now be done! If your picture does not upload, please try adjusting the size to a smaller image. Resizing your photo to 400 x 400 to 600 or smaller, should be sufficient, but 1000 x 1000 in a small pixel format works nicely too. If you still have problems, please try emailing the picture to goldtokenmanagement@goldtoken.com and GoldToken Support staff will be happy to place it on your page for you. Please remember to place in the subject line of your email: GT PROFILE PIC or GT PHOTO ALBUM PIC.

Once uploaded and approved, you can then use the links provided under the image with a number like this example: { Photo#12345 } to create a link to your photo, or { Picture#12345 } to insert the picture directly into a message or board post.

Thanks and have fun! Grinning