American Checker Federation
Trumpet player right GoldToken is pleased and proud to announce that it has entered into a contract with the American Checker Federation (ACF) to become the official playing site of the ACF.

Via an intense competitive bidding process, in which bidders were asked to respond to a detailed set of technical specifications, GoldToken emerged as the winner.

GoldToken's programming team have since enhanced GoldToken to meet the requirements of the ACF. These enhancements are available to all GoldToken members and make the site even more attractive not only to checker players but to players of other games.

We've always known (and we think you do too) that GoldToken is the best Internet game site, and we're thrilled that an organization such as the ACF has seen fit to choose us to be their home.


P.S....Dancing GoldToken and the American Checker Federation both made headlines with our agreement at Yahoo and MSN!