Account Preferences


With the following information you will learn how to locate and set-up your preferences to customize your Game Sheet and your game playing.

Where are my preferences located?

In the middle of your Game Sheet you will notice the Options box. Looking under the My Account heading you will see the Edit my Preferences link, by clicking on that link it will take you to the Introduction to the Preferences Pages.

How do I use my preferences?

In the Introduction you can see the various categories of things that you can customize on the left. By clicking on one of the categories, you can view and edit the settings in that category.

Account Tab

From here you can change your nick name, your e-mail address (it must be a valid address), or your password. It also has a place where you can enter, if you wish, where you are from, your age, or gender. There is also a box that you can enter any additional information, such as what games are your favorites, time-limit you like, your tournament wins. You can put pretty much put anything as long as it abides by GoldToken Discussion Board Rules.

Game Sheet Tab

The Game Sheet Preferences Tab is where you are able to customize your Game Sheet. You choose from many options, information about invitations, sort games in the order you want to play them, show finished games, show your Chums, Polls, Photos, Banners and many more options.

Game Options Tab

Game Options Preferences is where you can decide action you would like to occur after you make a move in a game. Do you want to see the ratings? Set your default setting for invitations. How you want to display your move history and messages on your game.

Graphics Tab

On the Graphics Preferences Tab is where you can make your game board the size you want. There are different colors you can select for your Game Sheet. If you use Web TV this is where you can mark your settings. If you want to use the Classic Design display. Here is where you would set whether you see player icons or not and if you want the ability to click like different profiles, blogs and photos.

E-mail Tab

The e-mail tab gives you options on whether you want to receive e-mail when it is your turn, if you have been invited to a game or when the next round of your tournament starts. You may also choose to receive GoldToken's Monthly Newsletter.

Messages Tab

This tab gives you options on how you want to display incoming and outgoing messages. You can select what you would like to happen after you compose and send a new message.

There are options on how to display the discussion board posts, and here is where you can enable translation support.

Profile Tab

In this section you can configure the appearance of player profiles.

In the main section of your Game Sheet you can move the Ratings and Current Games up, down or to the side bar.

You can organize your Side bar, which contains Blog Info, Photo Album Info and Player Comments by moving them up, down or to the main section.

I you want to see other profiles the way you have yours set up View all profiles using my settings
If enabled, you will see profiles of other players using your own settings, rather than theirs.

Clock Tab

By setting the clock to match your current time, all dates and times listed on this web site will be shown using your time zone.
Please make sure the clock shows the correct time, because that is the time that is used to determine what day it is when calculating your days off and vacations.

Days Off Tab

This is where you can pick the days you would like to mark as your days off. Your games will not time out on either of these days, unless you are in a tournament where the rules state No day off. You are only allowed to change these once per week.

Vacation Tab

Here you will find a calendar to set up your vacation days. Click on a date to set that day as one of your vacation days. To see a different month, click on the << or >> arrows beside the month name.
There is also a box, if checked, the site will automatically set vacation days for you. We recognize that everyone has some events that make it impossible to get back to a computer. In light of that, we have implemented a policy that will automatically schedule vacation time if you time out in a game. How this works is that the first time you time out, our system checks to see if any vacation time has been used in the previous two weeks. If not, then it schedules two days of vacation time, and then extends your timed out game automatically for you. If you time out again, it will see that you have used vacation time in the previous two weeks, and so it won't automatically scheduled vacation time for you. This gives each player a little breathing room without unduly penalizing the other player.

Chums and Chumps Tabs

  • Chums Preferences

You can use your Chums List to help keep you informed of when your friends are online. Just put your chums name in the Add Box and click add to list. When they approve your request, you will see them on your Chums list from your Game Sheet.

  • Chumps Preferences
Your Chumps List is a list of the players on this site with whom you'd rather not play games and from whom you'd rather not receive messages. If someone on this site is bothering you, you can add that player to your Chumps List and not have to worry about being bothered by that player again. If you enter GoldToken site tournaments, you may be matched up with this player, but you will not see any messages they may post.
Just put the player's name in the Add box and click add to list. Be aware adding a player to your Chump list is serious. If you decide to remove them from your Chump list, you will need to contact GoldToken Support to remove them for you.