Who Made This Mess?
An avid programmer from the age of 10, Chad spent much of his youth in front of the family computer, a trusty TI-99/4A, putting together games using TI's BASIC and Extended BASIC modules. He likes to brag about how he designed and programmed a first-person walk-through maze a few years before Wolfenstein 3D hit the streets. (We always have to remind him that his maze program was almost too slow to be played.)

Chad dragged Taylor into his wild plans for new computer games, and together the two brothers spent countless hours designing games that were far beyond the processing power of the little TI that couldn't. Their effort culminated in the design of a short game in which the main character is a stick figure with a bowling ball for a head. (They still insist that, someday, they're actually going to create that game.)

Alas, seasons come and go, and Chad soon found himself working as a network analyst for a worldwide food conglomerate, and Taylor was still finishing school. Both were very busy.

However, when night fell, they would descend into the bat-cave to conspire once more of ever more grandiose schemes for computer games.

A few years before the turn of the century, Chad decided he wanted to put together some games that could be played over the Internet. So he and Taylor dreamed up an elaborate game site where many people could come to play in a real-time environment with each person's actions affecting every other person in a game of conquest across space.

This is not that site.

As has usually been the case with their games, their ideas were bigger than their abilities. So they scaled back, and turned to the basics: classic board games whose appeal has endured the test of time. The result of their labor is before you.

Enjoy it!

Alas, seasons come and seasons go, and Taylor decided to move on to bigger and better things. Although his influence will always be felt here, he is no longer a driving force behind the website.

Never one to do things completely alone (it's cold and dark in the bat cave, you know?), Chad then enlisted the help of Bouncer to help him run the site.

Alas, seasons continue to come and go, and Chad and Bouncer decided to move on to bigger and better things as well. The site is now in the capable hands of Badger!