New Servers For GoldToken!
Dear valued members! Grinning

In the process of continually upgrading our site and the needed space & RAM to do so, GoldToken has run out of room to grow. Its time to take the plunge to larger, more efficient servers with more processing power. New servers will enable GoldToken to advance into the next century with aplomb! Faster page loads, more services to offer and better site features. Always one of our top goals at GoldToken!

This move is not taken lightly. It is a very time consuming process and not without problems. Chad has taken the remainder of this week off to complete the transfer and, hopefully, we will be running as normal (but much faster) by the start of next week. I appreciate your patience while we complete the transfer.

GoldToken is more than just a hobby for myself and our site managers. As one of its original players, I find is a way of life! We have continually reinvested every penny it brings in, plus a considerable amount out of our own pockets. Our new servers are extremely expensive. Please do your part to support GoldToken by your continued membership, adopting guests, inviting your friends and telling everyone you know about what a terrific game site we have here. Every little bit helps.

It is possible there will some service interruptions during the transfer but since the world won't end if we can't play our games for a short time, it's not serious. Hold your breath and know you can make up for any lost playing time with faster page loads once it has been completed! In the meantime, we encourage members to play on GoldToken's beta site at where you can watch for updates should we have transfer problems.

aka Badger
November 7th, 2007