GT Talk

Thanks to Mecir, we have installed a jabber server for instant chat for paying site members. Jabber is a universal chat system and can be used on several different chat formats. Most are not very complicated to use, but we only offer support to one, Pidgen. We are considering the addition of our own chat program, but will see how this goes first. To use it, download, install a Jabber chat program on your computer, enter your GoldToken email address using your current account name with as your GT Talk ID, your GT password as password, and off you go. You should be able to connect, add contacts (be it on GT or elsewhere) etc. Use a GoldToken account name with to add a GoldToken chum. Don't worry about someone adding you that you do not wish to be in contact with, as contacts have to be approved much like our chum system here. While any jabber chat with work, we suggest and only offer support for Pidgen. It is free and can be found at - for PC users and for MAC users.

Basic instructions once you have added a jabber program:
  • GoldToken's jabber server works under the XMPP protocol in Pidgen
  • To login to our jabber server, GT Talk, you will login with your account name as if it were an email address, the address is given in the form of, no need for a real GT email address, so wood players can use this too.
  • If you have spaces in your account name, you will need to replace with underscores
  • If you have odd characters such as * in account name, sorry, you may be out of luck Sad
  • If you let your membership expire and revert to guest, then you no longer will have access to GT talk
  • If you change your name or password, you will need to change it in your jabber even if you have a GT email with your original name
  • If you did not opt to set up when installing, click the chat and the jabber box will open with several options at the top. Click the Accounts and click the Manage Accounts option. At the bottom of the little window, click the Add button. Select the XMPP protocol, add your account name as and enter your GoldToken password as your password. Consider selecting the Remember password box which makes it easy to login each time. Under the Buddies option at the top, click Add Buddy. Add your GoldToken chums by using their GoldToken account name as if it were an email address, re:

Please note:
  • Pidgen works on Macs and PC's equally well
  • MSN WebTV type systems will not allow a jabber chat. But Pidgen works with MSN messenger and players can still talk with you by using your MSN account name as long as players also have a MSN account name
  • GoldToken is not responsible for your private chats on the jabber server. If you have a problem with someone using this system, copy and paste the conversation and send to GoldToken Support for site assistance. I suggest not allowing your children to use this system, allowing only your close friends to add you to their jabber chums and blocking anyone you have a problem with on the chat program. You can do this by simply right clicking their name, scroll down the open box and click the "Block" option.