Player Of The Year Awards
  1. A list is gathered of the top 5 players in each game category. Each player in the list is contacted and asked to vote on the other players in that category. This vote determines who would be named "player of the year" in that particular game category. Ratings are not be the only factor considered. Please note #3 below.
  2. Goldtoken Management will select the top 5 from all the game categories, but only 1 from each game category, for consideration for "Gold Token Player of the Year". The top 5 vote getters are considered first.
  3. Things Goldtoken Management will consider:
    • A. Does this person represent the spirit of true competition, i.e., the true spirit of GoldToken?
    • B. Win or lose, does this person treat her, or his, fellows with respect?
    • C. Playing by the rules means something more then just a bunch of words.
  4. All players will be given an opportunity to vote on the players being considered, using GoldToken's polling system. The winner of the poll will then be named "GoldToken Player of the Year".

This is a "1 year only" honor. The winner for each year can not be considered eligible again.