Chum - Your site friends

Chums - Players you have added to your friends list

Chump - To place someone on ignore

Club - A mini GoldToken site where like minded players can talk and play privately

Club Logo - A picture used to identify a club and posted on the club front page

Derivative - What you use to post free banners after buying a 1 year Gold or Platinum membership

Discussion Board - One of the forums on GoldToken

Dust - To share Goldero's. Re: "I gave him a little dusting"

Fools Gold - Offering Goldero's you don't have or pretending you have more than you really do

Flaming - Talking bad about someone or attempting to start a fight on the boards

Gold Dust - What we do to naughty players to make them nice again Beam me up!

Golden Boy/Girl - A winner

Gold Bonanza - Being able to be true to your school/friends/partner

Goldeneye - Someone who has a good grasp of how the site works

Golden Fleece - An exceptional prize

Golden Hour - When a tournament starts

Golden Oldie - One of GoldToken's first 1000 players

Goldero's - GoldToken money

Gold Fish - A new player

Goldies - GoldToken smilies Grinning

Gold Leaf - A special GoldToken flash card players send to each other

Gold Nugget - Anything used to recruit players

Gold Paint - Talking to others about the fun to be had at GoldToken

Gold Record - Your ratings

Goldrupcy - When you are broke and have no Goldero's

Goldrupted - What happened when you spent your last Goldero

GoldSpeak - Using GoldToken terms

Gold Strike - When you win or are awarded Goldero's

GoldTokenaire - A member of GoldToken

GoldTokeneze - To speak or type in GoldToken terms

GoldToken Support - Who you write to when you have problems with the site = GoldToken Support

Good as Gold - When someone has obviously won the game - or - what you call someone who has done something extra nice

Grabble - GoldToken;'s word game

Gravel - a single Goldero gift

GT Talk - GoldToken's instant messaging system

Guest - A player without a paid membership

Hedge - your stock pile of Goldero's being saved for future use

HTH - Head To Head, instant play; can refer to the actual HTH rooms at the top of your game sheet or a HTH game

Info Page - One of the pages listed under the [ Info ] link at the bottom of your game sheet

Jigglers - Fun letters used make words like this: Jiggle_Letters

Linking - A special way to use the wiki code to link to pages within GoldToken

Name Icons - A special graphic that sits next to your name

Moddied - What happened to your errant post

Mother Load or Strike - Hitting it rich by winning a contest offering Goldero's

Nugget - A piece of valuable advice

Pay Dirt - When you score Goldero's from the site

Panning - Seeking the gift of Goldero's

Plat - A member with a Platinum membership

Pot of Gold - Your prize

Salvo - GoldToken's battle boat game

Sluice Box - Where you store your Goldero's

Strike or Mother Load - Hitting it rich by winning a contest offering Goldero's

Squirrel - A GoldToken moderator

*The Mental Ward* - Were we hide the sites strangest players

TokenTalk - Micro Blogging GoldToken style

Troll - Someone who seeks to start fights on the boards

Twinklies - Tiny sparkling goldies: Small Orange Horse

Wiki - A special system that allows you to edit pages

Xiphias - GoldToken's war game