GoldToken Affiliates
GoldToken is a 5PR rated site supported by top players and game federations from around the world. We highly recommend these affiliated sites:

American Go Association

5&3 Dominoes Federation

World Camelot Federation

GOAMA, the International Go Newsletter

The New Zealand Draughts Association

The Official TRAX Website

The Game Federation Association

The World Pente Federation

The English Chess Federation

The World Chess Federation

The United States Chess Federation

Kasparov Chess Foundation

The American Checker Federation

The Checker Maven

BIBA: British Isles Backgammon Association

International Correspondence Chess Federation

Boylston Chess Club -Boston

World Checkers Draughts Federation

North Carolina Checker Association

California Checker Association

Danish Draughts Federation

The Scottish Draughts Association

Czech Federation of Draughts

The Chinese Go Association

ACF Checkers

The Nevada Backgammon Association

Kentucky Chess Association

Continental Chess Association

Alabama Chess Federation

World Backgammon Association

The American Go Association

Women's World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk

Renju International Federation

The Official Website of Susan Polgar

The English Draughts Association

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