Site Invitations and Free Membership
How it works - Send a Site Invitation to a friend using the link in your Options box. Once the invited person clicks on the included link and makes an account, and that account is still active on GoldToken playing games after 1 month, you will receive four Golderos as our thanks. A great way to earn membership for yourself and share your love of our beloved game site!

  • To be credited, you must use the Site Invitation link in your Options box
  • Invitees must be entirely new to GoldToken
  • Invitees must be active on GoldToken for at least 30 days for you to receive Golderos

We encourage you to invite as many players as you like, as long as they have never played on GoldToken before. However, do be aware that players found abusing the system (inviting themselves repeatedly for example) will lose this privilege and be held culpable.

Please note: This is trial program. If it is successful, and not abused, we will keep it, but if not, then we won't. Thumbs up