Earn a site membership!
Dear Player, Grinning
We understand times are hard for everyone, especially with the recession taking so long to recover around the world. Here on GoldToken, we are working at creative ways for players having a difficult time to earn a membership. We really do want you to be able to play all the games and enjoy the benefits of being a greater part of our GoldToken family. As such, we would be happy to trade your donation of service for a lovely Silver, Gold or Platinum membership.
There are lots of possibilities and we are open to suggestions. Perhaps you would be interested in hosting a discussion board, or maybe you are creative, good with words or have valuable wiki skills. If so, we need you!

Currently, these positions have openings:
  1. Host a Discussion Board - Do you have interest in a specific topic on one of GoldToken's quieter discussion boards? If so, this job is for you! A DB host's responsibility is to get players interested in those topics, creating an active atmosphere on that board. This easy and fun position earns a Silver membership!
  2. Host a Game Board - Host a specific game on a DB, like Joggle Jungle for example, or, a new game of your design. We are open to options! A DB Game that is run daily earns a Platinum membership, games managed weekly earn a Gold membership and games managed biweekly earn a Silver membership.
  3. Pollster - players who help develop site polls, by submitting at least one suggested poll each week on a topic that has not been covered yet. It requires good English, correct spelling, and good organization. This position is good for a Silver membership.
  4. Classroom 101 - Do you have special knowledge about something? Would you be willing to teach it to others? We are seeking players to teach a 30 to 60 day class (it can be on most anything that would be of interest to others). Perhaps you are a Checker master, speak a foreign language or understand PhotoShop and have the skills to teach others. If so, it is worth a membership to us!
  5. Newsletter editor - The newsletter editor responsibilities include setting up and organizing the monthly newsletter. This position requires good English, correct spelling, wiki skills and good organization.
  6. Newsletter reporters - All reporters need submit a monthly article on your given topic and can include various topics like specific games, computer information etc. These positions require good English, correct spelling, wiki skills and good organization.
  7. Graphic Designers - We have a special need for someone talented in animated icon creation and for someone interested in game graphics.
  8. Programmers - Must know and understand Perl, have good English, correct spelling, be able to follow direction and have good communication skills. Active programmers earn a Platinum membership.
  9. Contest Directors - Players to manage our various site contests, write the news in both the Game sheet news and also in the monthly newsletter and post appropriate polls for GoldToken's monthly site contests. This position requires good English, correct spelling, wiki skills and good organization.
  10. Don't see something that interests you but have a great idea? Send it to us! We are open to suggestions! After all, GoldToken is a site built for and by it's players!
Memberships for services will be paid on a month by month basis for as long as you remain active in your position unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in advance. This way, should you decide it is more than you have time for, it is easy to opt out. Thumbs up
Write us at GoldToken Support today with your ideas and/or your bid for one of the specific job openings posted above. Do not hesitate, as the positions posted above may fill up fast. 

Your GoldToken friends,

Goldtoken Support