CrossDowns Two Letter Word List

CrossDowns 2 letter word set

CrossDowns is GoldToken's second very own word game. In constructing the 2 letter list we have taken into consideration the allowable word rules for CrossDowns, as well as looking at the playability of the game.

The two CrossDowns dictionaries GoldToken uses for this game were set up entirely by GoldToken's creation team and are installed directly into the database. So the list is not something you can just look up. However, we are sure that you will find them more than acceptable and most usable. The International version holds a considerably larger set of allowable English words, and the North American version holds only words that are used in North America.

  • Please note: While CrossDowns is similar in some respects to other word games (letter tiles and a board grid) this is as far as the similarity goes. This is Goldtoken's very own game. It is NOT meant to be like any others.

aaType of scoriaceous volcanic rock with a rough surface and many jagged fragments.
abNautical. Able seaman.
adAn advertisement (US); an advantage in tennis (US)
aeOne. Very or same
agAgriculture: ag courses; to major in ag.
ahExpression of surprise, joy, pity, complaint etc; Used to indicate doubt or hesitancy in speech
aiThree toed sloth
alVariant of ad- before l: allure.
am1st person singular of verb ‘to be’
anOne. The indefinite article
ar18th letter of alphabet
asIn whatever degree, proportion, manner
atDenoting position in time or space
awExpressing disappointment
ayYes, indeed
baIn ancient Egyptian religion, the soul, represented by as a bird with a human head
beTo live
biTwice, two, used in the formation of compound words
boInformal for body odor
byAt the side of
daA heavy Burmese knife
dePrefix occurring in loanwords from Latin ( decide ); also used to indicate privation, removal, and separation ( dehumidify )
doTo accomplish, complete, finish
edEducation: a course in driver's ed; adult ed.
ef6th letter of the alphabet
ehInquiry; slight surprise; or failure to hear correctly
el12th letter of alphabet and anything so shaped
em13th letter of the alphabet; unit of measurement in printing
en14th letter of the alphabet; unit of measurement in printing - half of an em
erExpressing hesitation or uncertainty in speech
es19th letter of the alphabet and anything so shaped
etPast tense of eat.
ex24th letter of the alphabet; to cross out - exed, exing, exes
faMusic: 4th note of the scale
feHe made (it); she made (it): formerly used on works of art after the name of the artist. Abbreviation: fe., fec.
goTo pass from one place to another
guA simple violin used in Shetland
haForm of hall; denoting skepticism, encouragement, surprise, exultation etc.
heMasculine form of 3rd person pronoun
hiHello; a greeting
hmUsed typically to express thoughtful absorption, hesitation, doubt, or perplexity.)
hoUsed as a call to attract attention, sometimes specially used after a word denoting a destination: Westward ho! Land ho!
idFish; One of the three parts of the personality; A chromosome element
ifOn condition that; provided that; supposing that; whether
inWithin the limits or area of
is3rd person singular of 'be'
itImpersonal object, thing
joA beloved one
kaThe spirit of the soul within a person
kiA thousand (of anything, such as dollars, bytes, etc.). : This car is worth at least twenty K.
la6th note of the musical scale
liChinese unit of distance. About 1/3 of a mile; Roman numeral for 51
loLook, behold; may be used to indicate a startling revelation as in 'lo and behold'
maA childish version of mother
meI, myself
mi3rd note of the musical scale
mmMillimeter, millimeter
moInformal for moment
muGreek letter M
myBelonging to me
naForm of NO
neBorn - used in giving the original name of a titled man
nu13th letter of the Greek alphabet
odA force supposed to manifest itself in light, magnetism, chemical action, hypnotism
oeSame as oy - a grandchild
ofFrom among; made from; etc...
ohZero, from the number zero's resemblance to this letter
oiUsed to attract attention
omSacred syllable intoned as part of devotion and contemplation
onIn contact with the upper surface
opObservation post
orConjunction used to link alternatives; heraldic colour, 'gold'
osA bone (plural ossa); A mouth or mouth-like opening (plural ora)
owSpontaneous utterance expressing pain; Same as ou 'a man'
oxGeneral name for cattle (plural oxen)
oySame as oe - A grandchild
paA childish or familiar name for father; a Maori fort or settlement
pe17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
pi16th letter of the Greek alphabet
qiSame as chi - and individual person's life force
re2nd note of the musical scale; preposition - concerning
shShush; hush; used to urge silence; 27th letter of the Albanian alphabet
si7th note of the musical scale
soIn such manner degree or condition; Likewise; 5th note of the musical scale
taThank you
ti7th note of the musical scale; small Pacific tree with edible roots (plural tis)
toIn the direction of; reaching as far as
uhUsed to express hesitancy or doubt US
umUsed to express hesitancy or doubt UK
unOne: young uns; He's a bad un.
upIn, to or towards a higher place
usThe objective case of we
ut1st note of the musical scale
wePronoun plural of I; I and others; people in general
xi14th letter of the Greek alphabet
xuMonetary unit of Vietnam; 1/100th of a dong
yaYou: Give me a hand, will ya?
ye2nd person plural pronoun of YOU
yoCalling for attention or used in greeting
zoKind of hybrid domestic cattle found in parts of the Himalayas. Also zho, dso, dzho or dzo. All pluralized with s. Female is zhomo, dsomo or jomo; Male is zobo, zobu or dsobo

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