Photo Albums
GoldToken photo albums allow you to upload photos to GoldToken and share them with the world. Dancing

Getting Started

To set up your photo album, go to the Options box on your gamesheet and click the View my Photo Album under the My Account section. There, you will see your photo album and be able to edit its name, add more albums if your membership allows, or, by clicking on your photo album, be able to upload photos to it. Thumbs up

Once set up, your photo album is also available on your profile. Photo albums of other players are accessible from their profile page.

The available number of photos and photo albums you may post depends on your membership level:

• 1 photo album with up to 100 images for guests
• 2 photo albums with up to 100 images each for Wood
• 3 photo albums with up to 100 images each for Silver
• Gold members can have up to ten photo albums with up to 100 images in each album
• Platinum members have an unlimited number of albums with up to 100 images in each album

Album Tools

  • Include a title and description for each image by using the link under each photo in your album
  • Photos can be marked as private, semi-private, or public.
    • Public photos are viewable by everyone, semi-public photos are viewable by your chums, and private photos are viewable only by you
  • Each album can have a name of your choice
  • Move existing photos between albums by using the drop down box
  • Photo albums must be empty in order to delete that album.

Self Explanatory Admin Tools

  • At the top of each of your photo albums is a list of admin tools. It will look something like this, with the bold parts identifying the self explanitory links:

You have a total of 38 photo albums. You can view a list of the albums.

You can upload a total of 100 album photos to this album. Upload a new photo.

Commenting of photos is currently enabled for your photo albums. You can disallow commenting.
    • Note: This one switches to allow commenting when clicked.

Your photos are currently visible to players who are not logged in. You can hide your photos from viewers who are not logged in.
    • Note: This one switches to allow everyone to see your photos when clicked.

Notice: If your photos are hidden from viewers who are not logged in, search engines (such as Google or Bing) will not see them either.

The album is sorted by Date, click to sort by name.

You are viewing the brief list, click to switch to the detailed one.