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Four In a Row All Aboard Animosity Fire Spiller Backgammon Backgammon Bagh-Chal: Tigers and Goats Barricade That Baseball Game Camelot Caveman Checkers Chess Chinese Checkers Connect Six Cribbage CrossDowns Diagonal Duel Shake Rattle & Roll Dipole Domination Dominoes Fidchell Gami Go 7x7 GoldDots Go Moku Grabble Halma Hangman Hex High Seas Imperium Konane Lines of Action Ludocrous Mahjong Mancala Mentalis Moebius Moguls Nine Men Morris Nabbem Ordo Outbreak Paper Football Pipes Plateau Polar Poultry Quarto Relic Rush Basic Renju Reversi Rock Paper Scissors Rummikub Salvo Senet Loco Ochos Shogi Skat Tic Tac Stack 8x8 Trax Whist Xiangqi Xiphias

More about GoldToken offers so much more than just turn based playing, we have also included instant head to head playing as well! On top of a great variety of games to select from, we have several other activities for our players to join in on. GoldToken has several great features, such as: Clubs and Game Federations to join with your favorite subjects and games in mind, public monitored discussion boards with a wide range of help and different topics, automatic site tournaments and ladders, plus so much more! Players always enjoy our Goldies and Jiggle letters to be creative with, plus the option to add a Name Icons beside their player nickname!

With over 200 classic board games and variations to choose from, including different styles of Cribbage, Camelot, Dipole, Rummikub, Xiphias, and Shogi, along with 18 Checker variations like 11 Man Ballot and Spanish Checkers, Backgammon and gammon variations, 20 Chess variations, 4 size variations of Go, Dipole, Dominoes, Reversi, Trax, Gold Dot, Pipes, Chinese Checkers, Hex, Go Moku, Battleship variations, Halma, Lines of Action, unique word games such as Grabble with 6 different variants, Four in a row, Yacht, a large collection of card games like Shake Rattle & Roll plus several variants, Loco Ochos, Hearts, Spades and Whist, Shogi, Outbreak and countless other addictive games, there will never be a dull moment!

Twinkly Sage Horse GoldToken's Goal:

To have a top rated social gaming site, with everything our players want and need in just one place! GoldToken's environment is suitable and safe for all ages, while providing unlimited entertainment at all gaming levels! We strive to achieve the goals needed to keep our site fresh and up to date, as well as continuously adding popular games to our list of current games and variants! Being able to supply our players with a time limit that they can set to move at their own pace at, is an important part of having a comfortable and relaxing site.

Twinkly Pink Horse GoldToken proudly serves:

Thousands of classic game loving fans from around the world! Whether you are a competitive player POW Sock or love to play casually, GoldToken has a large group of opponents to suit your level of playing needs! We have players from almost every country joining us to play their favorite games hourly, daily or weekly! Our players have found GoldToken to be a great way to keep in touch with close or long distance family and friends by dropping a note to them in games, or by private messaging. We are proud to say that we have brought many families and friends closer together by offering our classic gaming to them! is also the official home and playing site of the following Associations and Federations:
  • Game Federation Association with { Club }
  • American Checker Federation with The ACF Club
  • New Zealand Draughts Association with { Club }
  • World Pente Federation with The World Pente Federation Club
  • World Camelot Federation with The World Camelot Federation Club
  • The High Rollers Federation with the The High Rollers Club
  • International Chess Federation
  • Kentucky Chess Association
  • The American Backgammon Association
  • The Chinese Go Association
  • Welsh Draughts Association
  • The International Backgammon Federation

Twinkly Orange Horse The People behind our site:

While Chad is the creator of GoldToken who put his heart and soul into it, he soon found it necessary to pass the site on for further growth to Badger, who has the same passion for GoldToken as he did. With past and current managers involved for the first while of transition in June 2004, and with the help of firefly and Mecir, the site reached and conquered a whole new level of graphics and gaming! Over the past years, has grown in positive leaps and bounds! The expansion of GoldToken's features, options, game creations and several other additions has been astronomical.

GoldToken has been extremely fortunate to have truly remarkable people devote their time and efforts in many ways. Over the course of time from when GoldToken first launched, many players have evolved into being an enormous part of GoldToken's success. Several individuals have given hundreds of hours to aid in monitoring forums, creating and organizing tournaments, site polls, greeting new players, designing graphics, games and personal cards, helping players with questions, right up to joining our support team. For all of those that have dedicated their time to do this, the GoldToken Management Team can not express their gratitude enough! The people of our site, is what makes GoldToken a family and a second home for thousands!

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Just a couple of our many testimonials:

I came to GoldToken over 4 years ago after a friend on IYT told me about the site and I haven't left since. GoldToken is more of a family than just a game site. They don't allow spam or vulgar talk on their discussion boards. They offer site run tournaments and club vs club tournaments. Even as a guest you have unlimited daily moves which other sites don't offer, and guests can play in site run tournaments as well. If your looking for a great place that the whole family can play at you have just found it here on GoldToken!

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This site is TOTALLY kid friendly! How amazing you all are, that you would take the time to check out our profiles to make sure that the LINKS to other websites are not going to lead to other links that could be harmful to our children!!!! I am TRULY impressed. I will SO allow my kids to play here!!!! As of right now, they aren't allowed to play anywhere online, but you guys have proven to me that you take our children as our top priority!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

ღ♥ஐ¸¸ .•*´¯ ´¯`*•.¸¸ஐ♥ღ ღ♥ஐ¸¸ .•*´¯ ´¯`*•.¸¸ஐ♥ღ ღ♥ஐ¸¸ .•*´¯ ´¯`*•.¸¸ஐ♥ღ ღ♥ஐ¸¸ .•*´¯ ´¯`*•.¸¸ஐ♥ღ ღ♥ஐ¸¸ .•*´¯ ´¯`*•.¸¸ஐ♥ღ

My name is Adam, I go by the nickname KINGSLAYER and many goldtoken players know me . I was the first beta-tester this site had and founder of its first club The Chess4Fun Club (Editors note: Club #1!). Back when Chad and Taylor decided to try to create this site so we could move here from I thought it was too big a task. I was VERY wrong. In this day and age of social networking, Goldtoken stands out as a place where many feel at HOME. I know this feeling only too well. After three years I had too many personal things going on and then two of my closest friends Ishkabibble & Kingpin1 passed away. I left goldtoken and lost contact with many of my closest friends. Friends, might I add that I never met in person... Chess4fun was abandoned but two club members refused to let it die. Triple D and then quietman. I can not thank them enough for preserving the legacy that is club gaming. I returned to goldtoken 1 year ago first as a guest then as a member in good standing once again. Badger has done an amazing job since Chad's departure. I recently received a letter from Taylor who was about 12 years old when Goldtoken was born. The letter brought tears to my eyes and reminded me that no matter what life dishes out Goldtoken is a home that never forgets its members.

Thank you all for the best site on my long favorites list!

GoldToken has a warm friendly atmosphere for a reason. It is built around and by its players.