Acceptable Use Policy
We have created this family site with an eye toward making games available to anyone who wants to play. We have spent a lot of time making sure that the games work on many different systems and appeal to players of all ages. To this end, we also need to stipulate rules about what we feel is and is not acceptable use of this site. These are to protect everyone's gaming enjoyment and are strictly enforced. reserves the right to change the nature of its policies at any time.

Warning: Having multiple accounts is considered cheating. We routinely scan for multiple accounts and offending members will be banned from GoldToken.

By signing up on this site and agreeing to abide by our site’s policies, each player is bound to the following terms, conditions and rules:

1. Indecent or obscene nick-names are strictly prohibited and will be moderated. GoldToken is a family site and only permits names suitable to be seen by all ages. The same rule applies for your profile area; keep it clean and decent for viewers of any age. All profiles must follow the same criterion as our Discussion Board Rules. Violations to this rule results in profile or name fields to be permanently moderated. Please see Account Name Rules for more information in this regard.

2. Guest accounts are limited at two individual guest accounts per household or company. Any further accounts are required to purchase a GoldToken membership within 7 business days from sign up to avoid being closed. This allows payments that are sent by mail ample time to arrive at our business to be applied to your account.

3. Accessing the site using more than one account per person or allowing others to access the site using your account is strictly prohibited. GoldToken does not allow shared accounts for any reason; this includes family, spouse and/or friends. Never reveal your account password to others. Violations to this policy subjects players to forfeit all future privileges for adding further accounts for other members of their household and/or company. GoldToken reserves the right to investigate any and all suspected multiple accounts.

4. strictly prohibits players from 'switching' to a new account for any reason other than security issues. This means, you will not simply be able to move into any other account for reasons such as, unhappiness with ratings, wanting to be incognito, feel like starting new, etc. Players in violation of this rule will subject their main account, as well as any others linked to them, to possible suspension or ban and forfeit all future privileges for adding further accounts for other members of their household and/or company. Players who, under false pretenses, pretend to be a second person in the home to gain access to a second account, forfeit all membership rights. Don't do it - you will be caught! You must notify GoldToken Support for further information or for assistance with any security issues regarding this rule prior to setting up any new accounts.

5. Cheating will not be tolerated. Players, who create or participate in operating extra accounts to be used for cheating to manipulate ratings, will result in all accounts being terminated. Any individual in violation of this rule will be banned from the site for a period of time or indefinitely. GoldToken reserves the right to investigate any and all reported incidents of possible cheating.

6. Parents are responsible for their children who access this site to see that they abide by GoldToken’s policies and rules. Parents are liable for any violations or illegal activity made by minors under the age of 18.

7. All individuals will abide by the Discussion Board Rules when posting on any discussion board. We are governed by the Children Protection Act; a strict law that enforces what is acceptable on our discussion boards. All discussion boards are observed and moderated by Management to be sure all players’ posts are suitable to be read by all ages.

8. You will not attempt to impersonate any person or use other identifying information. Unauthorized access into other player's accounts is strictly prohibited and will result in any individual violating this rule to be banned from our site indefinitely. GoldToken reserves the right to investigate any and all suspected access to any account that is not yours.

9. You will not attempt to use this site to send out unsolicited commercial or repetitive messages to other players. Often called "spam", these messages are unwanted and will not be tolerated at GoldToken.

10. You will not send obscene, indecent or profane messages to other players on this site. GoldToken reserves the right to investigate all reported obscene, indecent or profane messages sent to other players.

11. You will not use this site to threaten, harass, stalk or attack other players. This means, any behavior wherein an individual willfully and repeatedly engages in a knowing course of harassing conduct directed at another person which reasonably and seriously alarms, torments, or terrorizes that person is strictly prohibited. This rule is no joking matter. We will cooperate fully with any law enforcement organization to help track down anyone in violation of this rule and illegal activity. GoldToken reserves the right to investigate all reported harassment of players.

12. While we would love to allow you, if you are under the age of 15 and your parents do not play here, then you will not be allowed an account. Parents need to be responsible for their children and their actions while playing at GoldToken.

All account profiles are searchable through search engines like Google and BING. Because GoldToken is a family site, and wants to promote itself as such, all account names and profiles must meet GoldToken's Discussion Board Rules. Failure to do so can and will get your profile moderated accordingly.

Because anyone on the internet can sign up for an account on GoldToken, they are able to search your profile looking for comparable game opponents. For this reason, profiles cannot be hidden from the public at large. By signing up for an account on GoldToken, you acknowledge that any public information you post on your profile is also public on the internet. For this reason, we highly discourage the posting of your legal name, work place, phone number and address.

Individuals violating site policies set forth by may face the loss of other site privileges. They include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • loss of having the ability to play tournament or ladder games
  • restricted from posting on the discussion boards
  • restricted from sending private messages as well as sending messages in games
  • rating adjustments
  • not being allowed to play at this site
Severe violations to site policies, causing an individual to be banned from site, constitutes forfeiture of a player's rights, as well as any remaining membership fees (this includes any and all memberships you recently purchased). GoldToken reserves the right to handle all incidents on a case by case basis.

If you need to place a complaint regarding abuse of any of these policies, please click our GoldToken Support link to view the contact list available on our profile to assist you in finding the proper person or department to send your complaint to. We have a competent staff that you can contact at any time for help or assistance. Once a report is made, please don't harass the player in question or the team regarding the outcome other than to submit a new report. We will closely look into all claims and carefully consider the evidence, taking any necessary action if abuse is found, but we won't be explaining any details to you regarding the out come due to GoldToken’s Privacy Policy. is a private organization and has the right to refuse service to anyone, so please be sure to read over this agreement thoroughly as we take the site rules very seriously. Failure to act responsibly and comply with these rules may result in the suspension and/or termination of your account without any refund of any kind.

This strict policy complements the spirit of GoldToken, ensuring fair ratings and a safe, clean environment for players of all ages. If the nature of our service changes, we'll revisit the Acceptable Use Policy as necessary. Comments are welcome. Please use the "Contact Us" link either on the login page or on your game sheet.

By registering for an account on GoldToken, you agree to abide by GoldToken's Acceptable Use Policy, the Discussion Board Rules.


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We reserve the right to refuse to provide service for free (i.e. free memberships) to anyone at any time at our own discretion.