Banneros are special virtual GoldToken coins that are only available as prizes in various contests and tournaments, or as gifts from GoldToken administrators.

Banneros work like Golderos when purchasing banner space, but the only way to obtain them is to have administration give you some (you can't buy, share or trade them to other players), and they can only be used to purchase Banners, nothing else ( Each Golderos or Banneros = 50 cents US each).

If a player wants to extend a banner while not having enough Banneros, Golderos will be used to fill the missing amount. So if someone needs 12 Golderos or Banneros to extend their Banners, and has 5 Banneros and 15 Golderos, it will cost them 5 Banneros and 7 Golderos. If the player has no Banneros , only Golderos will be used.

Banners are a wonderful way to promote your GoldToken club, federation, site contest or a special tournament to other GoldToken players. And yes, as long as it is family friendly, you can advertise your business using a GoldToken banner too! Start your own banner today!

  • Please note: You can't buy, share or trade Banneros to other players. If you wish to pay for your club's banner, simply upload it as your own, and use your Banneros accordingly.